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Periodic Table 2023: Chemistry

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Categories: Education
Android version: 4.1+
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Updated: 22.08.2023
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The Таблица Менделеева - Химия app for Android is a comprehensive and interactive tool for anyone interested in chemistry. This free application provides a wealth of information about chemical elements, making it a valuable resource for students, engineers, homemakers, and anyone else seeking to refresh their knowledge of chemistry.

Importance of Chemistry

Chemistry is one of the most important sciences and a fundamental subject in schools. The study of chemistry begins with the Periodic Table, which is why this app focuses on providing a detailed and interactive version of it. The interactive approach to learning offered by this app is more effective than traditional methods, as it uses technologies that are familiar to modern users.

Features of the App

The Таблица Менделеева - Химия app displays the entire Periodic Table upon opening. The table is presented in a long-form approved by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). In addition to the Periodic Table of chemical elements, the app also includes a Table of Solubility.

  • Clicking on any element in the table provides constantly updated information about that element.
  • Most elements are accompanied by an image for better understanding.
  • For more detailed information, direct links to Wikipedia for each element are provided.
  • The app includes a Table of Solubility data.
  • A user-friendly search feature allows users to easily find any element.

The app also allows users to sort elements into ten categories: Alkaline earth metals, Other nonmetals, Alkali metals, Halogens, Transition metals, Noble gases, Semiconductor, Lanthanides, Metalloids, and Actinides. Elements from the selected category are listed in the search results and are highlighted in the table on the main application screen.

Contribute to the App

Users are encouraged to contribute to the improvement of the application by answering a few simple questions. This feedback helps in making the periodic table 2021 better and more user-friendly.

Social Media and Other Platforms

The Таблица Менделеева - Химия app is also available on iOS. Users can follow the app on Facebook and Instagram for updates and additional information. A Frequently Asked Questions section is also available to address common queries and issues.

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