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Stop Motion Maker - KomaDori L

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Developer: octoroid
Categories: Photo
Android version: 2.3+
Size: 2.3 MB
Downloads: 12
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Updated: 02.01.2023
Limitations: Everyone


Story Motion Maker is a quality android application with which you can create good photos.

How to use the app? The Story Motion Maker application for android is quite easy and straightforward to use. After downloading, we need to launch the application. Immediately after launch, the main menu is displayed, which contains only one button, this button is called "new". It means creating a new object (that is, a photograph). We press this button and we see that we are being thrown into a menu that is slightly different in its structure. In this menu, we must give a name to the future object (that is, a photo), select the photo size we need, and also choose a mode (manual or automatic, here at your discretion). Enter the name, select the mode and size and proceed to the photos themselves. When we have already selected everything and pressed the button, which is located below the selection of these functions, we are transferred to the camera itself. With this camera Story Motion Maker - KomaDori Lite we can take a variety of photos. But, it's not just a one-click app and take a photo. There are also many different effects here. In addition, you can switch to the mode "negative", "sepia", "aqua", "whiteboard" and so on - this is not just an application for creating the same type, uninteresting photos, with the help of Story Motion Maker - KomaDori Lite you will feel for a while yourself as a real photographer.

Perhaps you need a flash during a photo shoot? - No problem! You can also turn on the flash using this application. What if you are photographing objects of different sizes? - Set the correct focus! Story Motion Maker App - KomaDori Lite offers you a choice of several options for focus. If you are photographing a very small object, it is best to choose a macro focus, if the object is larger, then it is best to"infinity" goes. But, in order not to bother, the developers have made the "auto" mode, thanks to which you can take a photo many times faster.

Application Features:

  • Light weight (thanks to this, you can download to almost any device)
  • Quality camera
  • Wide range of functions
  • Create and save photos

How to download Story Motion Maker - KomaDori Lite?

The Story Motion Maker - KomaDori Lite application is downloaded with just one click of the "download" button on our website. Then you need to complete the standard installation procedure, you need to accept several requests from the application, for example, a request to use a camera. It is also worth noting that old versions of android (from 2.3 to 4.4) are perfect for this application. App may not work well on newer devices.

Stop Motion Maker - KomaDori L for downloaded 12 times. Stop Motion Maker - KomaDori L is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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