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Updated: 20.06.2020

Developer: MazGroup Relaxing Music

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Dog whistle (ultrasound) is a kind of virtual dog whistle that you can download and use on your smartphone.

Who may need this application and what for

Any dog ​​breeder wants to train his pet at least basic commands. But this process cannot be called easy. In many cases, an excellent solution would be to use a special ultrasonic whistle. It will help train your dog to respond correctly to commands at home or on the street, while hunting and while walking.

A big plus is that the sound emitted by the Dog Whistle (ultrasound) application will not be heard by others. This is especially important when hunting - to maintain caution and silence. But the dog perfectly picks up ultrasonic waves.

Yes, and at home or while walking, you can not disturb others with harsh sounds.

Dog handlers recommend combining ultrasonic commands with appropriate gestures, a reward system, etc.

It is believed that a dog's whistle (ultrasound) can scare a dog away. For example, while jogging. This is true, but not always. Usually such whistles are effective with domestic dogs or common mongrels. However, a truly aggressive fighting animal will not scare off even a professional ultrasonic whistle.

Features and functionality of the program

It is thanks to the extensive functionality that many users decide to download this application.

What the Dog Ultrasonic Whistle can do:

  • Make sounds at different frequencies;
  • Play commands in repeat mode;
  • Quickly switch from one mode of operation to another;
  • Work in the background so that you can, for example, browse mail in parallel.

In addition, inside the app you will find helpful tips on how to train and train your dog.

The program generates sounds in the frequency range from 200 hertz to 22 kilohertz. Humans do not hear these sounds, and dogs are very responsive.

The process of training, however, should be approached wisely and in no case should you abuse your animals. Prolonged exposure to ultrasound can negatively affect your pet's health. You should also refrain from ultrasound exposure to hearing in puppies.

The program interface is simple and intuitive. Even a beginner will quickly figure out its functionality.

Download and install

This application is available both on third-party resources and in the official store for Android devices.

Here you can download the program, 100% virus-free.

If we are talking about downloading an apk file, then it will need to be transferred from a computer to a smartphone via a wireless communication channel or through a special cable. Then the file is opened in Explorer on the smartphone - and is launched for installation.

Upon completion of the installation, the corresponding icon appears on the phone display, by clicking on which the program will start.

Dog Whistle. Train your dog for downloaded 5 times. Dog Whistle. Train your dog is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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  • Very simple interface.
  • Ability to select a frequency.
  • The program is free.
  • An easy way to scare the dog away or get his attention, depending on the regime.

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