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Screen Test

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Developer: Amberfog
Categories: Tools
Android version: 1.5+
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Updated: 06.05.2020
Limitations: Everyone


  • Works on all Android versions.
  • Can be installed on SD card.
  • No ads or paid features.
  • Takes up very little space.


  • Not receiving updates.
  • Does not stretch to full screen on new gadgets.
  • Only works in portrait orientation.


Screen Test is a compact, but extremely effective utility, thanks to which you can test your Android phone for the presence of so-called "broken" pixels. At the same time, the program can determine if there are other display problems.

Features of the program, its advantages

Surely almost everyone has encountered the problem of so-called dead pixels. If not, then at least I've heard of her.

Some consider the problem not critical. But over time, it gets really annoying, especially if it is located in the very center of the screen.

Each color pixel consists of a red, green, and blue subpixel. When a subpixel is fixed unchanged, a tiny black, white, or colored spot appears on the screen. In general, there are two types of defective subpixels: bright subpixels and dark subpixels. A defective subpixel is also called a defective dot.

Defective bright pixel: The sub-pixel is constantly on, resulting in a white or colored dot on a black background. Bright pixels can be white, red, blue, or green. Their presence can be identified against a black background.

Dark or broken subpixel: The subpixel does not light up at all, resulting in a black point on a white background. Dead pixels are visible on any background color other than black.

The program is very easy to use:

  • It is launched by simply clicking on the application icon;
  • Then the full screen test will run;
  • Change test modes by simply pressing the smartphone display.

The test for the presence of dead pixels is noteworthy. When the smartphone screen is filled with even black - those are clearly manifested. Then the user can decide for himself whether to contact the workshop or whether it is possible to make do with some of the lost pixels.

Each mode allows you to determine the presence of its own problems. For example, �� screen refresh rate.

Screen Test - oddly enough - is offered absolutely free. So everyone can use the utility as a diagnostic tool and not spend money on the services of a wizard.

Screen Test works equally well when installed in the device's memory and on an external card. So Screen Test can be used on multiple smartphones by simply swapping memory cards.

How to download Screen Test and how to install

This application can be downloaded both on third-party resources and in the official store for Android devices.

Here is a version of the program, one hundred percent virus-free and in working order.

If we are talking about downloading an apk file, then it will need to be transferred from a computer to a smartphone via a wireless communication channel or through a special cable. Then the file is opened in Explorer on the smartphone - and is launched for installation.

Upon completion of the installation, the corresponding icon appears on the phone display, by clicking on which the program will start.

Screen Test for downloaded 0 times. Screen Test is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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