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Save Phonebook & SMS to Excel

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Developer: Bulk SMS Software
Categories: Tools
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 3.3 MB
Downloads: 12
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Updated: 11.12.2021
Limitations: Everyone


Save Phonebook & SMS to Excel is a handy tool for Android OS with which you can save contacts and messages as a file for spreadsheets.

What are the advantages of the application, its functionality

With this small and easy-to-learn application, you can save archives of exported SMS messages, contact data. The information is saved in a format compatible with Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

It is very convenient that all copying takes place directly in the mobile phone. In this case, the presence of a personal computer is not assumed.

If there is a need to create backups to a separate file, then this application will be one of the best options for solving the problem.

The file can then be sent by email, messengers, etc.

Here are the features and advantages of the application, for which it can be recommended to download to everyone:

  • Quick copying not only to the built-in memory of the smartphone, but also to an external memory card - which is an important point for many users;
  • Ability to quickly copy complete user data from the smartphone's address book;
  • Backing up SMS messages from anywhere in the Inbox section. This includes incoming messages as well as outgoing messages, plus all sorts of built-in elements, etc. Even information is saved about which number and from which number the message was sent;
  • You can copy all data by pressing just one on-screen button, rather than manually selecting individual messages and dialogs;
  • Ability to export messages and contacts;
  • Receiving the entire database of messages and contacts by mail;
  • If you have an Excel spreadsheet installed on your smartphone, you can open the file directly from your phone;
  • Support for a huge number of messages for backup storage - more than 65 thousand.

UserIt is very easy to use the program, it does not require fine settings that could scare off a beginner.

The saved file is compatible with many spreadsheet applications, not just Excel.

In short, it is a really fast, safe and simple data backup tool for Android.

By default, the application saves a file of copying messages and recipients in the internal memory of the phone. However, if you wish, you can configure the program so that it immediately saves to an external memory card.

On the very first start, Save Phonebook & SMS to Excel will ask for access to all messages and to the address book.

How to download and install the application

Surprisingly, Save Phonebook & SMS to Excel is completely free. And this is despite all the rich functionality mentioned above.

To download, you need to go to the official Android store or select the download link here.

Installation is carried out in a fully automatic mode, no special skills or abilities are required from the user.

Save Phonebook & SMS to Excel for downloaded 12 times. Save Phonebook & SMS to Excel is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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