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Расчет строительных блоков

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Categories: Tools
Android version: 4.0+
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Updated: 10.03.2021
Limitations: Everyone


Calculation of building blocks is a highly targeted application that allows you to calculate the required number of building blocks and their prices, based on the design of the house. The application will be useful primarily for bricklayers specializing in the construction of block buildings.

How the application works.

Even experienced builders find it difficult to quickly make the necessary calculations for the amount of material and its cost. What to say about novice bricklayers. To quickly get used to business specifics and not get confused in calculations, there is an application "Calculating building blocks". This is a really useful and unique application. It can calculate both the sum of the total number of blocks and the cost of one, based on its size and the cost of a cubic meter.

The total amount is calculated based on the design data and the size of the required blocks. At the same time, if the project specifies door and window openings with measurements, the application will independently calculate their area and calculate them excluding them.

Application management is simple. It is enough to enter the necessary parameters, such as the height and length of the walls, their thickness (in blocks), the cost of one block or cubic meter, in the corresponding columns of the table and click the calculate button. The program will quickly and efficiently make calculations and give the result. Also along the way, the program will tell you how much cement will be needed for the entire volume of work.

Specifics of using the program and installing it

The application is notable for its simplicity and functionality and has already earned the recognition of many users who praised it. But there are still some shortcomings in it. One of these is the lack of a library of ready-made block sizes. And this somewhat complicates the calculation process, since you need to know exactly what dimensions the blocks selected for building a house have.

In addition, when calculating the amount of material, seams are not taken into account and their total area is not taken into account. Therefore, some errors may occur in the calculations, which will give an error in the direction of increasing the final result.

As for the rest, the application is quite correct, convenient and not demanding. Any Android 4.0 mobile device is suitable for free download. and has 1 MB of free memory.

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