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Online therapy - mental help. Support groups.

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Categories: Health & Fitness
Android version: 4.4+
Size: 11.2 MB
Downloads: 4
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Updated: 31.07.2021
Limitations: Mature 17+


Psychological help online is an Android application that really allows you to get psychological help on time.

Features and functionality of the application

How often does an ordinary person need to provide psychological assistance on time ... Especially in our time, literally overwhelmed with all sorts of stresses and psychological overloads.

At the same time, not everyone has the opportunity to visit a personal psychologist.

Fortunately, you can download the Psychological Assistance app online - and get expert support from both professionals and friendly network members.

The service has united thousands of volunteers who are not indifferent to other people's problems. They will certainly help you sort out the problems, suggest a way out of a seemingly completely confusing situation.

Psychological help online is a great place where you can find an understanding person and a friendly shoulder in difficult times. You can ask any questions and get friendly answers, valuable advice, support and help.

The main thing is not to hesitate to contact in time. Stressful conditions, if a person is not removed from them in time, can eventually cause many serious diseases. And chronic depression in our time is not so rare as it might seem at first glance. But in many cases all that was required was to ask for friendly advice in time, or even just, as they say, pour out your heart.

By the way, communication here is completely anonymous. And it is offered for free. You do not have to worry about the fact that someone will find out about the personality of the person who asked for psychological help. The interlocutors will not find out secret and too personal information. But they will always understand and help. You can find mutual understanding with them on literally all issues. There are quite a few specialists in the network in working mode right now who areYour support is important in difficult times.

What can be noted among the advantages of this application:

  • Convenient use;
  • Simple interface for a beginner;
  • Adaptability to various screens of smartphones and tablets;
  • Nice visual design that won't negatively impact the psyche.

In a word, the Online Psychological Assistance application can really be recommended to everyone who has encountered difficulties in life and wants to successfully overcome them.

Download and install the application

All that is required for this is to download the ARK file, which is offered here in working form and guaranteed without viruses.

The file is launched for installation, after which it remains only to wait a little for the installation to complete - and when the application icon appears on the screen, you can launch it and find interlocutors to your liking for a variety of topics.

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Online therapy - mental help. Support groups.
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Online therapy - mental help. Support groups.
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