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Area duct HVAC

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Developer: SkySouls Engineering
Categories: Tools
Android version: 4.0+
Size: 3.2 MB
Downloads: 2
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Updated: 15.07.2020
Limitations: Everyone


  • Russian interface language.
  • Accurate calculations.
  • No paid features.
  • Function for exporting calculations to CSV.


  • Contains ads.
  • Rarely updated.
  • Parts cannot be resized.


Duct Area is a program intended for engineers or other people who are interested in the design and installation of special ventilation systems. The user who installed this application will be able to easily and very simply determine the area and volume of any kind of duct and its small parts from the style.

During construction, this tool in the form of an application on a mobile device can facilitate the builder to measure the desired object and speed up this process. The utility makes it possible to save all the results in any convenient format and send it immediately to any social network or messenger, as well as, if desired, send it to colleagues or other acquaintances via bluetooth or email. The program also has built-in tables, where additional information about the received data and measurements of certain objects or objects is automatically saved.

Also, the user can connect the ability to autosave all added items, so as not to enter their data every time they need to be measured to obtain accurate and reliable information about the item being measured.

Equal friction duct sizing is often preferred because it is fairly easy to use. It should be borne in mind that maximum load conditions almost never occur in all rooms at the same time. Avoid oversizing the main system by multiplying the accumulated volume by a factor less than one (this is probably the hardest part - and larger systems often require complex computer room climate calculations). Determine the static pressure drop across the main duct.

Use a differential pressure table to determine the static pressure drop across the main duct or similar. You can also define the dimensions of the ducts in the system.eme.

Use the static pressure drop as a constant value for sizing the ductwork in the system. Use air volumes. Select duct sizes with a pressure drop for the actual duct as close as possible to the pressure drop across the main duct. To get started with measuring the duct in this program, you need:

  1. Calculate the required volumetric air flow in each room and in each branch of the system.
  2. Use to calculate the total air volume in the main system.
  3. Determine the maximum permissible air flow rate in the main duct.
  4. Determine the largest pressure drop across the main duct.
  5. Use the main pressure drop across the main duct as a constant for sizing the ducts in the distribution system.
  6. Determine the total resistance in the duct system by multiplying the static resistance by the equivalent length of the longest section.
  7. Calculate balancing dampers

Find out the total resistance in the system using static pressure to calculate the pressure drop across the longest part of the duct system. Add minor loss using equivalent lengths or small loss factors as used in the table below. Calculate the balancing dampers. Use the total resistance and volumetric flow throughout the entire system to calculate the dampers and their theoretical pressure losses.

The equal friction method is simple and easy to use and provides an automatic reduction in the rate of air flow through the system. The speeds quoted are usually within the noise limits of the application environment.

Area duct HVAC for downloaded 2 times. Area duct HVAC is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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