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To Do List. Goal planner. Organizer. Task list.

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Developer: Agnessa Studio
Categories: Work
Android version: 5.0+
Size: 12.7 MB
Downloads: 2
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Updated: 18.12.2021
Limitations: Everyone


To-do and goal planner. Task list. A daily planner is a great way to get rid of the problem of procrastination. In it, you can plan your day, write down your goals, set reminders, create a to-do list. It can also be used as an organizer and diary.

This application allows you to clearly define goals and schedule steps to achieve them. This is helped by such a function as splitting a task into subtasks. Each completed part of a big idea will be displayed in progress and motivate to achieve it. The included reminders will help you remember what is important and help you focus on what is planned. You can add up to 10 of them for one task.

Prioritization will help you plan your time so that important tasks are done first, and less necessary not be distracted.

The ability to create repetitive tasks will help you build good habits. For example, exercise every morning or a glass of water upon waking up.

This app includes the ability to create widgets on your phone's desktop. You don't have to waste time to go there, tasks will be visible immediately and flicker before your eyes. So the goals will always remind of themselves and the brain will be motivated to find ways to achieve them.

Grouping tasks will help structure everything and the list of tasks will not be intimidated by its enormity.

You can summarize all the functions of this application in a list. You can download this application for free on Android. It will open up such possibilities for you:

  • creating goals;
  • scheduling all cases and structuring them with a list, assigning to groups;
  • breaking large tasks into smaller steps;
  • creating a daily plan;
  • repeating tasks to build a habit;
  • set reminders;
  • placing the created widgets on the desktop;
  • automatic calculation of progress by the application;
  • offline mode.

Why is this app a great choice?

Application Planner of tasks and goals. Task list. Diary. can be used as a planner, goals, organizer, diary. Setting reminders and creating a to-do list enhances your productivity. The progress tracker will be a great motivation to keep on your way and not turn off it. This application has everything you need to schedule everything you want to achieve, and the way to it. It will become an irreplaceable assistant in achieving success and will soon enter life, changing it for the better.

To Do List. Goal planner. Organizer. Task list. for downloaded 2 times. To Do List. Goal planner. Organizer. Task list. is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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To Do List. Goal planner. Organizer. Task list.
Added: 2020-09-15
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