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Ping Pro

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Developer: KAIBITS Software GmbH
Categories: Tools
Android version: 2.3+
Size: 1.4 MB
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Updated: 04.05.2020
Limitations: Everyone


  • Fast ping check.
  • Save the test result to a text file.
  • Support for saving files to the cloud.
  • Minimum errors.
  • The program is free.
  • Works on almost all Android versions.


  • The interface is in English.
  • Advertising presence.
  • Not receiving updates for a long time.


Ping Pro is an application on the Android platform that allows you to determine the exact response time between your device and any remote server. The result can be saved as a text file in the device memory or in the cloud storage. You can download and install the application absolutely free from our website.

Pros of the program

If necessary, users can independently configure the size of transmitted packets, the number of attempts and the time limit for waiting for a response. Cloud storage stores data from past audits that can be compared to current ones. If the check is done for the first time, the application will provide information that the system must match. With minor errors, you can omit discrepancies in the reports, since there are deviations in the systems and devices themselves. However, when there is a significant deviation from the average, the application reports communication problems. In this case, packets are not received in full, some of the information is lost. The ping time can also increase, which will cause some inconvenience to the user. Experienced users know that less ping is better.

Ping is directly related to the remoteness of the servers and sites you are accessing. The quality of your carrier's coverage and the load on the network are also important characteristics in determining the time limit for the response. This is especially true for online games. If the delay is large, then the gameplay occurs with delays.

What the application does

In order for the response time to be normal, it is necessary to determine the factors that affect the channel load. Disabling some of them will help reduce ping and improve the quality of online games. This program will help you with this. She can read many parameters:

  • Internet channel load. The more programs that use the intern are runningno, the more ping. This can be various browsers, virus database updates, torrents and other programs.
  • The remoteness of the server with which the connection is made. When transmitting information over long distances, some of the data may be lost. Internet speed will also be very different from the expected value. The difference can be seen if you look at the ping when playing on the local network and on the Internet.
  • The performance of your device. When you include a large number of programs and applications, resources are not enough for everything. This factor is responsible for the delay in the time limit.
  • Provider rating. It can provide you with a poor-quality channel with poor bandwidth. In this case, the packages will be loaded in parts, which will lead to an increase in ping.
  • Distance to the game server. The access channel can also have poor bandwidth. The influx of players to one server leads to an increase in ping.

Now you know what factors your ping depends on. By properly allocating your device resources, you can avoid most of the time limit issues. The ping itself means the period of time during which the request reaches the server and returns back. The lower the value, the better your device's systems and network connection work. You can determine this and much more simply by downloading this application from our site.

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