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ПДД+Экзамен Украина -

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Developer: Artur Stepanovskiy
Categories: Education
Android version: 4.4+
Size: 41.7 MB
Downloads: 2
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Updated: 03.05.2020
Limitations: Everyone


SDA + Exam Ukraine is a handy application for reviewing and mastering traffic rules. It is useful for those who are going to take a license or just want to repeat familiar material, or out of curiosity to test their own knowledge.

Application functions

On this platform, it is possible to study traffic rules, illustrated with detailed road signs, regulation signals, and various road markings. What is especially nice are the detailed comments that are located under each analysis. This helps a lot when studying the material, with the help of such marks you can find out some nuances that are unlikely to be revealed by ordinary reading, without footnotes.

If we talk about the tests themselves, then they are as close as possible to the examination, which increases the chance of successful passing in order to obtain rights. However, the application is focused on the user as much as possible, so that while writing exams, there is the possibility of re-taking, like "Correcting mistakes". This feature helps the examinee to understand what he did wrong, where exactly the wrong answer was put, and in which blocks there was a hole.

If you use this application, then the tests will be twice as easy, especially without worrying, since all the material studied will remain in the subcortex.

You can also do the following with this program:

  • Study the latest traffic rules, Ukrainian road signs, markings, signals.
  • Start passing tests and exams in Ukraine in several modes. There are ticket-type test items and test items.
  • Take a real ticket test in twenty minutes. In this case, only 2 mistakes can be made. Such an exam comes directly from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.
  • See your results using statistical charts, improve them.

Why is it useful and what it includes

This pri�Living is aimed at increasing the road knowledge of potential motorists and those who have already become such. It contains absolutely all the topics that are taught in driving schools. Such as:

  1. Detailed comments under each rule, as well as numerous illustrations, will allow you to quickly remember difficult terms, rather than memorize them.
  2. Real test questions and tickets, traffic rules exam, with up-to-date answers.
  3. Numerous tips based on past results.

As you know, passing training tests is the key to passing the test part at the exam in the traffic police.

The very same device of the application is quite simple and includes only 4 sections: "Learning tickets", "Traffic exams", "What you need to know or the rules", as well as "Statistics or work on errors",

What is especially nice when working with traffic rules + exam Ukraine is its simple interface and the ability to download it for free on android. If you delve deeper into its filling, it turns out that all sections are necessary and help with delivery. So, when studying tickets, it is possible to look at the answers and understand what mistakes were made. When the user passes the traffic rules exams, he will be able to understand the level of his knowledge and direct them to those departments where there are gaps. Rules are needed to pass tests successfully, and work on errors is needed to view errors and work them out, excluding reoccurrence.

ПДД+Экзамен Украина - for downloaded 2 times. ПДД+Экзамен Украина - is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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ПДД+Экзамен Украина -
Added: 2020-06-20
ПДД+Экзамен Украина -
Added: 2020-06-20
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