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NFC Tasks

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Developer: wakdev
Categories: Tools
Android version: 4.0+
Size: 3.3 MB
Downloads: 1
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Updated: 15.12.2021
Limitations: Everyone


NFC Tasks is a useful application with which you can launch tasks created with NFC Tools. Sounds complicated? Do not be alarmed - in fact, everything is simple and very clear.


The modern world requires modern solutions for the implementation of everyday and familiar everyday activities. And in order not to perform the same, already pretty boring sequence of manipulations every day, the owners of modern gadgets that support NFC, just download this application and spend some time in an interesting and exciting setting of the main commands.

And if it's quite simple - then this application allows you to set a certain algorithm of actions in previously described situations. And this algorithm will start executing after the user touches the installed NFC tag or connects to the wireless network. In fact, this is the very "big red button" that every user needs, since clicking it launches the execution of exactly the task that a particular user really needs at a given time.

Skills and opportunities

Why is this application useful for those who are thinking about the need to structure daily worries and responsibilities? What can it do?

Quite a lot of things, like for example:

  • work with Wi-fi and Bluetooth - turn it on at the right time and turn it off when predetermined parameters occur, and also switch it if the need and need arises;
  • change the access point, enable or disable it, based on the immediate needs of the user or based on other pre-set characteristics;
  • enable, disable or toggle mobile data;
  • it is easy and simple to start and exit airplane mode if there is a requirement for a mandatory lack of communication in any room��and or location loses its relevance;
  • customize the sound profile and volume of the ringtone and notifications according to the situation or schedule - for example, set silent mode, extremely powerful vibration mode, louder street mode with cutting off unnecessary noise, or switch the smartphone to normal operation;
  • automatically adjust screen brightness based on lighting levels and time of day;
  • set or change the auto-rotate screen;
  • change the volume mode of audio tracks, multimedia and even an alarm clock;
  • set the alarm itself, any timer or sequence of such timers;
  • run a wide variety of applications and their combinations, all kinds of utilities, the same Tasker according to a certain scheme;
  • translate and write down the dictated text - which is especially valuable for those who like to record their thoughts, even "on the run";
  • configure wireless networks.

NFC Tasks for downloaded 1 times. NFC Tasks is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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