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Mirror Selfie Camera + Video

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Developer: Pear Labs
Categories: Photo
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 20.8 MB
Downloads: 2
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Updated: 02.05.2020


Mirror Selfie Camera + Video is a camera app to mirror photos from your front camera.


When photographing with a frontal camera, the picture is often mirrored, and the person depicted in the photograph remains dissatisfied with the picture, because initially he saw something different on the screen. The Mirror Selfie Camera + Video application allows you to avoid this: if you take pictures through it, then the mirroring function can be turned off, or you can mirror the already finished photos. The same works with video: you can record addresses, monologues or stories for social networks and at the same time not worry about the fact that the phone will automatically mirror the image in a direction that is unfavorable for a person. However, the finished images can be mirrored and returned to their original form any number of times - this helps to compare the two options and choose the one that seems more successful and effective.

The second task of Mirror Selfie Camera + Video is to create interesting and creative photos and videos based on playing with a mirror image or multiple takes. It can be comic footage, story ideas, congratulatory videos, photo collages, and more, used as entertainment. In addition, you can use standard filters (sepia, retro, black and white, monochrome and others). These filters can be combined with mirror effects to create customized posts.


The features provided by the Mirror Selfie Camera + Video app are as follows:

  • mirroring photos, pictures and videos;
  • taking pictures with the front camera with the ability to customize mirroring (also relevant for video);
  • applying various effects and filters to photos and videos;
  • the ability to "multiply" the image of your face for a joke;
  • use different mirror effects, not limited to regular mirroring (duplicate, duplicate, flipш and others - sometimes new options appear with updates);
  • an effect-game with a mirror delay, in which the screen is divided into two parts, and the user can play a dialogue with himself and record it on video;
  • enable sound effects on video: voice distortion, background noises and sounds, music, etc.;
  • the presence of bonus effects of the day, which disappear at midnight and are replaced by others (sometimes you can wait for those that have already appeared).

In fact, Mirror Selfie Camera + Video is another mobile application with filters for photos and videos, the peculiarity of which is the abundance of mirror effects. You can save the resulting photos and videos and use them in other applications, and you can also edit existing photos here (although this is limited in comparison with those provided in the camera itself).

Mirror Selfie Camera + Video can be downloaded for free on Android from a freely distributed APK file on the Internet, which will allow you to try the application without spending a penny on it.

Mirror Selfie Camera + Video for downloaded 2 times. Mirror Selfie Camera + Video is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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Mirror Selfie Camera + Video
Added: 2021-12-11
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