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Category: Photo

Размер: 168.8 MB

Updated: 04.02.2024

Developer: Meitu (China) Limited

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Meitu is an unusual photo editor that allows you not only to fix individual flaws in a picture with just a few clicks, but also to use a unique filter to turn into an anime character. Such an application for Android can be a real boon for those who love to experiment with Photoshop and like to apply various effects to modify the image or decorate the picture.

Minimal effort to transform

Users will certainly appreciate how simple and intuitive the menu is in the proposed application, despite the abundance of built-in functions that are observed here. A really huge number of different settings are available here, and a significant part of them are active for free. Compared to other similar editors for smartphones, it is Meitu's capabilities that allow you to cover the most popular and frequently used photo editing options:

  • enlargement / reduction of nose, eyes and waist;
  • adjust contrast and change exposure;
  • edit clarity, change saturation;
  • correct highlights or shadows;
  • crop image, rotate, flip;
  • set background, SLR, blur / remove objects;
  • many famous effects and filters;
  • choice of shooting mode (portrait, landscape, panorama);
  • gluing multiple pictures into collages;
  • setting up a ready-made face makeup template;
  • instant selfie with customized timer;
  • a variety of frames and decorative brushes.

Downloading the result obtained is also not difficult, because you can upload a photo edited to your taste to the selected device or immediately publish it in a post on social networks with just a few clicks. Moreover, you can save the new version literally after each edit, canceling each action if necessary.

Become an anime hero

Listed only�The powerful capabilities of Meitu editor do not distinguish it from other similar applications. But the function of transformation from a cartoon character attracts many fans to create truly original avatars. The combination of exclusive filters and settings that allow you to significantly change the parameters of the face and body, reveal many hidden features. The overlay effect automatically smoothes out a lot of other imperfections (wrinkles, pimples, folds, bags under the eyes), so you can significantly simplify the task and not adjust every centimeter manually, but enable full-fledged photo processing.

Meitu is a real platform for creativity. If someone does not know Photoshop well, but wants to radically modify their appearance in the picture, or simply add more colors to the image, then this editor cannot be done without. It is quite easy to understand the settings here and immediately see the selected filter or the template you like in action. And such an abundance of tools for creativity only pushes again and again to try on new combinations in order to radically transform an ordinary picture in a few clicks.

Meitu- Photo Editor & AI Art for downloaded 197 times. Meitu- Photo Editor & AI Art is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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Meitu- Photo Editor & AI Art 10.2.1
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Meitu- Photo Editor & AI Art
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