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Name LOCKit Extension: apk
Version: 2.4.18_ww Size: 11.9 MB

Comments on Google play



The app is great it prevents strangers from unlocking my phone takes a picture of the person it just great the one problem is the is no problem it will stay in my phone 📱foverer. No dought about that. Because of this app my phone is extra sercued. Thank You LOCKit.



Whenever i want to unlock my locked files from the app its always showing me like "No enough space". But, actually i have lot of space in both internal and external storage area. Really i dont like this app now.. I will never use this app in the future..



when i tried to get the photos that i locked it, back to my gallery the app said "no enough space" i don't know what that means, i certainly have enough space for 60 pictures but the app doesn't let me do it. i'm kinda scared that when i uninstall the app to get my pictures back, it might delete the picture with it. i don't know what to do. update:i deleted the application. and photos didn't appeared in my gallery back. İ HATE THİS APP ALL OFF THOSE PİCTURES ARE GONE AND İ DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO



This app is really amazing , the thing I like the most about it is what they call " intruder selfie " where you are able to see the person who has tried to unlock the app but failed,secondly I like the fact that I don't have to pay any premiums, it really came to the rescue, very gr8ful to the founder of the app



A friend recommended the app for locking my personal apps, photos and videos. But I cannot even add one photo or video because the app says "no permission" and that's it. I have no idea what permission, because I did grant permission for camera, starage, location and even phone. What a disappointment



This app is excellent. It works very well and is easy to use, however there's one tiny problem. Not all the time it comes on and ask for the pin or finger print, I don't know why but other then that issue. This app is amazing and i don't think I would use anything else.😀



Horrible app!! If people really took the time to read and see what this app wants permission to, outside of the basic, people would not use it. It's scary how many permissions its asking of. Including wanting access to see everything you see on your screen. They want to have access to your phone and be able to control it, and many other things with it. It's absolutely ridiculous and stupid. No app should be asking for that much access to just use the lock app features. Uninstalled right away.



Hi there, I have been a Lockit user for years and I recently have a problem with my Samsung A31. I lost all my files in Lockit, I checked into the problem and found that: In app settings > permissions, they allow access to media only, rather than Media and Files and there is no way to add access to files from my phone settings. Can you please do the bug fix? I have some important files there, and I can also not add new files into Lockit.



The app is overall great! but it lacks some features: •It doesn't have an alarm option for privacy snoopers • A 'do not touch my phone' warning message when someone breaks into phone. •Delayed attempts for wrong passwords! This is a basic feature dude! I can attempt 1000 times wrong passwords and it doesn't delay the time for entering passwords! this needs to be added in the next update.... and sometimes the app displays the app content for a few seconds before it could ask for pin or password.



I've tried 3 of these app locks, and ended up abandoning all of them. This one worked on Nougat but not Oreo. The problem with these is that the permissions allow more than is comfortable for me, and ads are an abomination. I had Force Stopped this app, but it turned itself back on. That is probably due to a permission, which I might have changed if possible, but when accessing another app, I got an ad that did not look like an ad except that it said, "You have 3 threats! Scan now" or the like. You don't merely watch these ads; they watch you! And with any always on ad-infested app, they are following and tracking you continually. As soon as I saw that malware ad, I uninstalled the app. For me at least, I want to lock certain pictures and certain notes/text. What I found is that you can get text or notes apps that allow locking, and also allow imaging within the note. And some developers do not use ads. I would rather pay for an app that respects the user by not invading with ads, than pay to get rid of the abominations that should not be there in the first place. I cannot recommend any app of this sort.


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