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AppLock Master

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Developer: AMMY Entertaiment
Categories: Tools
Android version: 1.0+
Size: 5.1 MB
Downloads: 2
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Updated: 14.12.2021
Limitations: Everyone


AppLock Master is a special program from the system category, designed for smartphones on the Android platform, which allows you to protect the user's privacy from unplanned intrusions. With its help, it will be possible to block different applications (contacts, messages, gallery or social networks).

Application Features

This program is an excellent option, it differs from other similar programs in that it has a number of unique features and a large number of settings. There are several ways to protect folders or applications. The user can set a password or make a pattern. With such a blocker, all data of an individual user will always be under reliable protection.

Also, any programs, applications or files can be hidden and a virtual lock added to them. For example, if a user really does not want someone else of his correspondence or watch important conversations in WhatsApp or Viber, he sets a password for these instant messengers and no longer worries about such moments. Outsiders will not be able to see anything if the phone is left on the desktop or in another public place.

Some of the main features of the program are:

  • blocking and protecting confidential data;
  • receive a burglary warning;
  • password can be set for anything (programs, applications, folders and even individual files);
  • there are ways to set a lock - it can be a word or pin code, a picture password or a picture;
  • different passwords can be set for individual applications or files;
  • the user will receive the best password setting recommendations;
  • for those who have a fingerprint scanner on their smartphone, the function of unlocking using a fingerprint is available;
  • even if you enter the password incorrectly three times, you can always recover it;
  • graphphysical keys have different sizes;
  • there is a function to block individual incoming and outgoing calls;
  • in case of unauthorized use, the program locks the device.

You can download this application for free on any smartphone or tablet using the Play Market downloader. In addition, it can work in stealth mode, there is also a 3G lock function, backup and restore in case of accidental data deletion. The program does not load the system on the device, it does not take up much space in the phone's memory, so during its operation you can use the device in the previous mode without freezing and delays.

Application Benefits

AppLock Master has many positive qualities, every user will definitely appreciate it. It has a pleasant interface, even beginners will not have any difficulties when using it. The lock screen can be customized according to your preferences, the user will make it the way he wants.

This application will be useful for those who have small children at home. After all, often a mobile phone remains on the table and can be taken at any moment. Children love to view photos or find important files. To protect them from accidental deletion, you should install the application and use it to protect important documents or other data. You will also be able to hide all unnecessary sites where you can make purchases.

In order for the mobile device to be completely safe and children could not perform rash actions with one light movement, access to Wi-Fi and bluetooth should be blocked, and the Play Market service should also be hidden.

AppLock Master for downloaded 2 times. AppLock Master is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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