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Comments on Google play



I like the way the contacts are set up and stored. My issue is when I transferred my contacts over to the phone initially, it deleeted over half of the contacts and would not let me reimport the ones that were missing. Months later, after a phone update it just randomly deleted more of my contacts. So foe it hasn't been the best but certainly not the worst either.



The app does everything you would expect from a contacts app and it does it well. Except one thing. When you enter an address into someone's contact the autofill suggests places out of the country across, the Nation, and in other states before it suggests something in your location. You almost have to completely type the address before it will suggest anything remotely close to your area. Almost as if it was programmed to do this. And yes this is with location that are turned on.



I'm trying to understand why, after completely disabling syncing, this app will still sync. If you're at the top of your contacts list and swipe down to scroll up again, the app will sync your contacts regardless of the settings. No way that I can find to disable this "feature". I have no interest in my phone contacts being saved to my Gmail account, an account that I don't use unless I absolutely have to. Maybe it's just me but when someone completely disables syncing, I would think that means they do not want the app to sync, ever.



This trash is invasive. It insists on cloud storage of my contacts. It insists on showing my google account every time I open my phonebook. We used to be able to store contacts on the SIM card, then put that SIM card into a new phone and all the contacts would be recognized right away. I can't find a way to do that anymore since Google insists on mining my data for profit. No matter what I do, when I try to input a new contact, it wants to save it to the cloud. I DO NOT WANT THAT AT ALL!!!!!! Bring back 100% OFFLINE contacts, stored in the SIM card. Stop spying on me with fundamental basic features like this! I should be able to use my phone without this trash.



Wow, my last issue seems to have been fixed! I searched for 2 letters at the start of certain names and was getting random "recents" entries first. Now I get exactly what I searched for first. Nice! My complaint this time is simple: Please make a way to add phone extensions to phone numbers. I have a number for my lab, but I want to add the appropriate extension to individual entries. At least make it so I can see the extension when I call so I can dial it at the appropriate moment. Thanks!



Hi, one issue with the app. It does not sync smoothly with Google hangouts or messages. Once you add a phone to contacts from hangouts, the name doesn't transfer over to hangouts. It just stays in the contacts unfortunately. Also, I would love the option to insert a contact in my two emails and phone and not have to choose. It would be amazing if you guys can fix this. Thanks.



Quick. Easy. Reliable. This app is very intuitive and easy-to-use. I love that I can have my contacts backed up so that if I ever ran into a problem with my phone, I can always retrieve them again. It also makes it very easy to edit contacts with multiple options to specify such as multiple phone numbers, what kind of number it is (work, cell, etc) the business they are with, and you can even add a note section to include any kind of information you need to be reminded about in a contact.



It's a contacts app; pretty straightforward. The only frature request I have is for contacts that have multiple phone numbers associated; it would be very handy to be able to easily change the order in which phone numbers are displayed. It can be done today, but only through copy and pasting data back and forth, which is definitely less than ideal.



A really solid contact manager address book. The best one I've used out of trying half a dozen different ones. Beautifully syncs to the cloud so you don't lose your address book when you have to change your phone. User experience is nearly perfect except some icons you expect to be touchable are not and editing elements take getting used to. The weakest part of this app is the oddly included "places" search that has half screen ads in the initial view but it is easily ignored.



This app worked well before, but now, out of nowhere, the initial screen only shows the contacts that have been added by phone and not all phone contacts. Having to click another button to get to all the contacts is an annoyance that apparently can't be changed by choosing a different display option. Please fix as soon as possible.


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