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Vehicle Plate Codes of Russia

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Developer: Alexander Kozyukov
Categories: Cars and transportation
Android version: 2.3+
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Updated: 23.08.2023
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Region codes on RF numbers is a mobile database for Android OS. This database contains information about all regional codes that are indicated on the license plates of cars.

Features and benefits of the application

This application will allow you to determine the region of the country to which this or that car code belongs. Sometimes it is really necessary - when you get into a road trouble, when buying a car ... and sometimes out of simple curiosity.

Moreover, the search can be done through voice search tools or standardly - through the built-in keyboard. The entire search will take less than one second.

For example, if you enter the code 62, you can immediately find out that it is related to the Ryazan region. And so on.

Moreover, there is also a reverse lookup option. That is, you can specify the name of the settlement of the country - and the smart program will display on the smartphone display all the codes that are assigned to this region. Even if there are several of them.

The application operates in accordance with GOST R 50577-93, which determines that a particular code is assigned to each region of the Russian Federation. So in this case we are talking about one hundred percent official information.

Among the advantages of this program are the following:

  • The code database is always up to date. If any changes are made, they will be immediately displayed the next time the program is updated;
  • There are no intrusive ads here;
  • The program is very lightweight, so it does not take up much space in the device's memory;
  • You can install the program not only to the internal memory of the smartphone, but also to the SD card;
  • Along with Russian, there is also English here.

For what reasons can you download the application? It:

  • Has a pleasant visual performance;
  • Simplein use;
  • Adapted for touch screens of various mobile devices;
  • Has an intuitive interface, so even a beginner will not be difficult to use the program.

It can also be considered a big plus that this program can be downloaded absolutely free.

Download the app for free

It is very easy to install region codes on RF numbers on your mobile device.

Some download options available:

  • On the official Google app store;
  • From all sorts of third-party sites.

In the first case, everything is as simple as possible. You need to do the following:

  • Log into your account in the Google store;
  • Type in the search bar the name of the application - Region codes on the numbers of the Russian Federation;
  • You can read information about the program, screenshots and reviews from other users, then leave your own review;
  • If everything suits you, you just have to click on the on-screen download button - and then the system will execute everything in automatic mode.

The successful installation of the application on the smartphone will be indicated by the fact that the application icon will appear on the display.

You can also download the apk installation archive. It moves to any folder on the smartphone and then opens to launch.

Vehicle Plate Codes of Russia for downloaded 3 times. Vehicle Plate Codes of Russia is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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