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Kaspersky Battery Life

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Developer: Kaspersky Lab Switzerland
Categories: Tools
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 15.8 MB
Downloads: 3
5 / 1
Updated: 11.12.2021
Limitations: Everyone


Kaspersky Battery Life is a free, low-power application whose main function is to extend the battery life of a smartphone or tablet. Used on devices running Android OS.

Features of the tool from Kaspersky Lab

A common problem with modern mobile devices is fast battery consumption, regardless of its capacity. And it’s not puzzling if we actually spend all day on mobile apps, but what if the charge is rapidly decreasing without our participation?

If you are already following the initial measures, such as disabling Wi-Fi, mobile Internet and Bluetooth as they are unnecessary, or using automatic screen brightness adjustment, then you can add a little more time to your smartphone without recharging. Installing Kaspersky Battery Life will optimize battery consumption and identify the most power-hungry applications that consume resources when closed.

Take full advantage of Battery Life:

  1. Accurate estimate of current battery consumption in minutes. The time remaining on the device in active and sleep modes is displayed.
  2. A visual display of the battery consumption of each program in percent. With one touch on the "close N applications" button, you can unload them from RAM. Decide for yourself which application warning you should ignore. So, messengers eat up a lot, but when they are forcedly closed, you will no longer receive new notifications. Add programs to the list of exceptions - favorites - or just uncheck them every time. Some applications Battery Life identifies itself as favorites.
  3. Receive notifications: battery is running out soon (in 30 minutes, an hour or two), fully charged. If an application uses up the battery power too intensively, Battery Life will inform you about it.

Basic information is instantly displayed when you open the application, and with the addition of a widget, the battery percentage and time to discharge can be viewed in the notification area, on the lock screen or on the desktop. There is also added the ability to stop all running applications with one touch.

A simple, convenient and so useful utility that with an insignificant percentage of "consumption" of the charge (up to 1%), it is recommended to install it for every user. After installation, Battery Life asks for accessibility features to collect statistics and close auto-launching applications.

Kaspersky Battery Life for downloaded 3 times. Kaspersky Battery Life is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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