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Insight Timer

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Developer: Insight Network Inc
Categories: Health & Fitness
Android version: 5.0+
Size: 155.2 MB
Downloads: 1
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Updated: 22.01.2022
Limitations: Everyone


Insight Timer is a wonderful application specially designed for those who know their body, mind and soul through meditation, yoga, self-contemplation and a variety of spiritual practices.

Standard Timer Requirements

All of these activities involve strict time management, requiring significant preliminary preparation and calculations. So, it is often necessary to set up several alarms, the ringing of which will remind you of the need to change the asana or the completion of the stage being performed in order to move on to performing a new group of exercises, activities and thoughts. It is also often necessary to prepare suitable audio tracks that are relaxing, tonic, or otherwise tune the brain to perform well, while at the same time letting go of thoughts wandering on their own and - if necessary - requiring their sharp concentration.

But all of this can be avoided by simply installing this application and pre-configuring it.

How it works

Already at the first launch, the application will ask its owner to answer a number of questions and in the future it will build a training program and select timers and music, taking into account the owner's experience of meditation, the goals that he wants to achieve, and will even offer him a choice several examples of pre-developed useful and correct practices, specially tailored to his needs. And after a simple registration, the owner gets access to more than 4.5 thousand various activities, among which he will surely find not only those that he needs, but also those that he did not even know existed, although their composition and goals are exactly that, which will help him achieve his goals and get the most positive result from his actions.

In this case, each lesson conducted using this application must be supporteddriven by:

  • pleasant music, selected taking into account the type and purpose of the lesson, its duration and intensity: it can be sounds of nature, soulful reading of mantras aloud, sound meditations, a wide variety of music and even prayers;
  • strict tracking of the duration of an action or the state of the user, changing the background sound where a change is required or an entry or exit from a particular state is expected.


Despite the fact that all the text is spoken in English, the application is worth trying even for those who studied French or German at school and institute, since calm soft melodies and a measured, clearly delivered voice, even if he does not say the most understandable things , will still definitely help you tune in the right mood, even for those who are completely unfamiliar with English.

Also, one cannot fail to note one more pleasant and very useful feature - this application has the ability to create independent meditations, for which you just need to set up a timer (or many timers), set the duration of each stage of meditation, set pleasant and good audible sound signals , which will indicate the beginning and end of each stage, and, if necessary, about its middle or mark other periods of time required by the user. At the same time, after completing such a meditation, the application will evaluate the work done and offer you a list of users who did approximately the same or very similar practices as the owner, and did it at almost the same time. Isn't there a reason to start a useful and lasting acquaintance, based on a commonality of interests, goals and aspirations?

Additionally, it should be noted that this application is currently the most popular among existing programs of this kind, which is not at all surprising��, taking into account the possibilities it offers and the huge functionality built into the application.

Insight Timer for downloaded 1 times. Insight Timer is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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