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Name Image To Text Extension: apk
Version: 1.3.6 Size: 8 MB

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Very good app. Convert English alphabet and numbers clearly in my experience from good and clear images or photos. Try to capture images or photos correctly. ## Advertisement through the app is a problem , so use it in offline mode.## Copy and paste concerted text to self whatsapp number or Gmail and then we can easily edit it or correct mistakes. Anyway Use this app at your own Risk .



This app is amazing. It captures my text great. I love it. However, I have to launch it everytime to start a new capturing. This is not flexible as it waste time relaunching the app afresh. Please see how you can make make scanning more than one project without having to relaunch the application everytime.



It actually did what it suppose to do. I was impressed. The only drawback is, you will need to close and open the app in order to scan another document and a word or two may get miss spelt. It's a app I plan to keep, although I may not use it often.



It is a great app. It actually turns a pictures text into a PDF. The downside is the camera the app comes with sucks. Don't bother trying it for you'll never get a clear image. For best results take your pic outside of the so and then use that picture within the app. Works Great!!



Sometimes our meeting has printed announcements on the laptop screen. Although it is read, I need a copy. So I take a picture of the screen and have the text document created with this fine.



This app needs a lot of improvement. One major reason why it is not worth your try is it doesn't recognize all types of text-filled images that you probably have in your device. I couldn't convert long screenshots into texts, conversion failure for small-size images happens very often, leading to immediate app-deletion from my phone.



Turns cast images to lucid texts in a flash. So amazing, so wonderful. It is a very good app in all considerations. Keep it up. It is highly recommended for all.



My phone camera is on the low end but it seems to be 98% accurate with small amounts of text but it drops when there is dirt or debrie or blurrieness or low resilution or more text and it sucks at handwriting is only 7% accurate it can´t really do more than a paragraph at a time it shows ada right after you convert takes new pictures or pictures on storage



1st time using this app, preparing a misspelled obituary mistake. Scanned original paper. Saved myself 3 hrs of typing out original paper. Simply photo gallery and text saved to clipboard. Sent correction to funeral home. Hallelujah. Perfect. Ads were annoying. But ad free for $$ worth it! Definitely!



I'm trying to scan my computer screen because I cant copy and paste text from a particular website, and this app doesn't work at all for that. After taking the picture it simply says no text found. And the picture that I took was certainly clear enough to read.

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