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Home Workouts No Equipment Pro

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Developer: Hazard Studio
Categories: Health & Fitness
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 31.6 MB
Downloads: 10
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Updated: 07.09.2020
Limitations: Everyone


Home Workouts Gym Pro is a handy app with a customized workout program for all major muscle groups. The regularity of performance, which can be tracked right there, is simply following the instructions of the complex, and soon you will be able to achieve sports success without the paid services of a coach.

Home workout app functionality

Home Workouts Gym Pro includes workouts for the chest, arms and back, legs and buttocks, as well as workouts for the whole body. For better clarity, animations are suggested for each exercise so that everyone can familiarize themselves with the correct technique and test themselves.

The application was developed by professional fitness instructors, which somewhat replaces individual training in a sports center. No hesitation, a calm pace and no additional equipment help beginners to easily wedge themselves into the process. Workouts do not take much time, and 10-30 minutes a day is enough for the first results.

Home Workouts Gym Pro provides load changes, rest days and visual statistics of workouts and body parameters. All that remains is to monitor your well-being and gradually move towards your goal, whatever it may be - burning fat, building muscle mass or overall body tone and feeling of vitality after a completed workout.

Among the main options of the application:

  • detailed 3D animation of exercises;
  • full body warm up and final stretch plans;
  • high intensity HIIT workouts;
  • training editor to adjust the program for your physical fitness and goal;
  • reporting on the duration and frequency of training, the app also tracks calories burned (average, probable) and weight change;
  • automatic recording of training progress, visual diagrams;
  • setting the time and frequency of reminders, the ability to skip rest;
  • a detailed meal plan for weight loss and gain.

Of the "equipment", comfortable clothes and a sports rug or blanket are enough.

The selected exercises are universal, they can be performed by men and women of any age. But still, do not forget to warm up before each workout to avoid muscle injury. It would also be useful to consult a doctor to assess the physical condition. The developers warn that they are not responsible for injuries received during training, and urge you to listen to your body.

Although the application is translated into Russian, language inaccuracies are noticeable. There is no advertising.

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