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Name GoTube - Block All Ads Extension: apk
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Comments on Google play



Hi there this app is absolutely brilliant it blocks out every single ads on it it does what it supposed to do I am so glad that I have found this app could you please develop more apps like this I have passed this around to my friends and they are very pleased with it as well one love bless



I'll give it 3, since it's somewhat nice, however when I kept on playing on my background, this app goes to pop-up mode however I didn't put it, it just automatically do it.



this app is the best replacer for youtube player! i've tried other app and turns out this is the best, i rated it four star becuase the interface is still not 100% same as youtube which need the users to spend some time to get ourselves familiar, and they got no download feature



I love this apps, it's really ad blockers , with lot of features,it's easy, doesn't make low connections/quality ❤️🤍❤️🤍



Good, alternative YouTube... Edit: No longer using GoTube, because there are many ads, like when i opening this app, and scrolling through the videos, back to Newpipe again.



the app was working perfectly until today, I opened it and it was not opening through YouTube, i had to google search YouTube and then when I open a video it has adds like normal YouTube app does 👀



I was able to watch with no ads which is great! However, just for suggestion I hope you can find a way to continue playing the video even if we open other apps... Like in YouTube Vance. Many thanks



Nice apps, great YT Adblock. But if you have any chance to create lifetime purchase with cheap price to remove ads from you. It would be great! 👍



I am giving 3 rate because whenever notification comes in my phone the video starts playing automatically and this app has some dirty dirty ads which sometimes makes me ashamed to open this app in public place and after the update, initially video ads have also started coming.



Nice alternative to YT! There are some missing features as well: we cannot delete/remove an entire playlist from our profile... Also it could be nice to have an option to disable your ads (or a small donation for it if possible). Good work!


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GoTube - Block All Ads
Added: 2022-01-23
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Added: 2021-11-18
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