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Fotor AI Photo Editor, Collage

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Developer: Everimaging Ltd.
Categories: Photo
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 226.1 MB
Downloads: 24
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Updated: 02.05.2023
Limitations: Everyone


Fotor is an application designed to process photos from a mobile phone (there is also a computer web version), as well as demo and even sell your own images.


The main task of Fotor is to provide advanced photo processing capabilities from a mobile phone or computer (you can log into one account, and then the history of all works will be available on both devices, regardless of which of them they were performed on). In addition, there are additional opportunities - you can join the whole community of Fotor users and create entire galleries and hold your own photo exhibitions that viewers can rate and comment on. Also, the most successful and high-quality photographs can be put up for sale - they can be useful to someone for illustrations of articles, books, advertising projects and much more.


Fotor as a photo editor offers the following features:

  • apply various filters and effects, adjusting their brightness and saturation;
  • point-to-point editing of photos, eliminating minor defects and imperfections;
  • remove color using black and white filter, or add saturation to it;
  • adjust contrast, brightness, sharpness and other features of each photo as a whole or its separate part;
  • stylize shots like retro, still from a movie, film photo and other popular features;
  • use the "Enhance" feature that automatically finds bugs and fixes them (you can just try and evaluate the result - sometimes this eliminates the need for manual processing and helps to save time);
  • create collages using ready-made templates or completely manually (your own templates can also be saved and used in the future);
  • add photo frames, backgrounds, additional elements from the Fotor gallery or fromnatural, create new ones from scratch or using ready-made elements;
  • overlay text using different fonts with different characteristics, change the color and size of text, move it around the image field, rotate, flip and make other changes;
  • draw on photos by hand using different brushes and pencils with a range of settings: color, thickness, saturation, transparency, style, etc.;
  • preview all available effects and compare selected ones;
  • take pictures with the built-in camera (front and regular);
  • use typography-style fonts, create and modify your own;
  • apply tools from a separate color correction menu, slightly changing the color or completely altering the visual component of the photo;
  • use basic layout tools (this functionality is limited);
  • retouch images using extensive tools for this;
  • use tools separately for portrait and landscape processing.

Photos processed in Fotor can not only be saved to your phone or sent to social networks and messengers directly from the application, but also uploaded to the Fotor community, where they will be evaluated and commented on. Other users will praise successful shots, give tips on how to fix flaws and improve future work, offer fresh ideas and provide other assistance that novice and professional photographers need. In addition, you can put any (but not someone else's) photos for sale and thus make money on your hobby. It should be borne in mind that not all images will be bought (for example, low quality or lack of demand for a particular topic hinders demand). Also, do not sell photographs of other people if their consent is not obtained. It is important to know that the authors are also sold along with the images.They are right, that is, an image purchased by someone in Fotor can no longer be sold elsewhere or posted on its own behalf. Details of all of this can be found in the Fotor app itself.

Fotor can be downloaded for free on Android from PlayMarket or installed from a special APK file. There is also a similar utility for computers that opens in a browser. Both versions can be synced through your Fotor account. Camera and gallery access required.

Fotor AI Photo Editor, Collage for downloaded 24 times. Fotor AI Photo Editor, Collage is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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