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Name Flashlight (free & without popup ads) Extension: apk
Version: 5.21 Size: 2.4 MB

Comments on Google play



The application works as intended, but I found another application that is smaller in application size to install and use. The other application is truly ad free with no option to have ads. The option is not even available in the settings of the application. I found a few flashlights had some more functionality on them. I do not remember exactly what they were though. Ads to enable or disable are located in the settings tab in the app; if it has in the settings menu.



I like it. And I like the ability to use the app without the barrage of banner ads telling me that my phone is "infected with 4 virus!" or pop-up ads about greasy politicians & really bad TV shows. Thanks for keeping the spirit of information technology alive without trying to chisel the consumer for every nickel & dime along the way... Oh, the flashlight works just fine, too.



I've used the app for about 3 years now. It does what it says it does and doesn't have a bunch of useless features (which conserves on storage space). There are some settings that give enough adaptability to meet my expectations. Ads can be turned off, however I leave them on to keep the app free- no big deal to me since I'm not forced to spend a bunch of time looking at the ads when using the app.



Is exactly what I needed! I have a brand new baby and was looking for a flashlight that I could use as a quick night light for middle of the night care(as the one that came with my phone is quite inconvenient.) When she stirs I hit the button on this app and leave my phone on my end table and it gives just enough light to light up the room without fully waking her or my husband. And of course functions perfectly as an actual flashlight as well.



Simple, easy and BEST if prone to seizures, this does NOT Flash, At All. The BEST. The other flashlights promise a ton of features (color changing, "warning" Seizure Light I call it, and now you can even get an "SOS light" another seizure light as far as I'm concerned) but never deliver except for the annoying flashing. This is WAY better and AD FREE, just go with this one, it's just like a real flashlight with NO PROBLEMS! X-P!



Solid. Very simple and fast, which is great for a flashlight app. I like it... It has a (selectable) feature that turns it on or off anytime by shaking the phone horizontally twice: neat and usefull.... Cool. Its not perfect- it doesnt allow one to change the color or intensity, but it always works and had a good price (free), and no ads or without peemission. A setting for a blue shade to conserve one's night vision would be awesome. Anyway, 4/5 stars.



Used over 5 mins continously, 2 diff times,no interruptions. Before I discovered option to turn ads off! Used over 25 times so far, no bugs or crashes yet,works perfectly even on an old S4. Options for sound, vibrate, shake to switch light on/off, with shake sensitivity that's adjustable. Did I mention you can turn off ads? Look no further for a flashlight found the best and it's free! I was compelled to leave rating/review after I found option to turn off ads with no ill effect.



I really like the app. It's a flashlight so it's hard to get wrong. The main reason I downloaded it was because it supported gestures. You can turn the phone on by shaking the phone side ways twice. The problem I have with it is the app has to be running for it to work. It doesn't run in the background and I tried to enable "Accessibility Service" permissions to but it won't let me. If you make it to where it runs in background and I can use gestures without opening app first. 5 star app.



It does what it says on the tin. It's a flashlight. No frills, just a way to light your path in the dark or to better see things up close. Though not ad-free anymore the ads are tiny, unobtrusive banners sitting at the bottom of the screen. Don't know what else to say, it's the best of the flashlight apps because it sticks to what it's supposed to be, a good flashlight, an on and off button, and nothing else. Other apps get bloated with unnecessary features and ads. This is just a flashlight.



I have had several flashlights. Some causing low battery or looking around in your phone or contacts they're pushing ads of some kind.. Comes on if you barely touch the app point, without going to the start button, which does come right up which you can use to turn it off and on again. what I did was put the flashlight app on my second page, thumb right to it and Bam! all the light you need. Daytime might not see that I had touched the app sliding the phone into my belt case.


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