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Developer: Нетология-групп
Categories: Education
Android version: 5.0+
Size: 54.3 MB
Downloads: 1
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Updated: 14.08.2020


The Foxford textbook is an application in the format of an interactive reference book, or, if you like, a virtual thematic encyclopedia with the functionality of a solver and a cheat sheet.

Main features of the application

  • Allows you to independently prepare for important tests, Olympiad, OGE, USE and other individual testing disciplines.
  • Allows you to study the theoretical part without an active Internet connection (just download the necessary material on your mobile device beforehand).
  • As part of the application, the user has access to more than 3000 thousand theoretical lessons and materials on common subjects of the school curriculum, as well as more than 500 video lessons from the invited teachers of the leading universities in Russia.
  • Three difficulty levels are available: easy, in-depth and hardcore (the latter simulates the complexity of the tasks of the OGE level, USE, multiple Olympiads).
  • Supports navigation through class-specific content (you can catch up with a specific class as part of a forced training).
  • Supports internal search (you can limit yourself only to selected materials to fill gaps in a specific topic).
  • Allows you to add your favorite topics for easy access to them next time you go.
  • Has a wide base of materials in the framework of training in the Russian language, mathematics, physics, biology, computer science, social science, chemistry, history.

The application will be useful for schoolchildren and students as a tool for self-development: you can not only improve knowledge in a problematic discipline, but also maintain the level of intellectual development, learn something new (that, for reasons, teachers and teachers have touched on in passing, or not enough detail). In addition, the textbook, due to its multiplatform nature, will allow even those schoolchildren who do not have a personal personal computer (it is usually busy either with senior family members, or is used with the condition of priority, which leaves not much time for preparing lessons).

In this case, you can choose the optimal, convenient place, take a smartphone (or tablet), prepare the necessary writing materials and practice, for example, in the kitchen on a moderate evening (after eating for dinner), when the rest of the household is either watching a movie on TV , or use a desktop computer for work and multimedia tasks. In short, a digital textbook can significantly simplify the learning process and negate many of the disadvantages of physical textbooks.

Фоксфорд.Курсы for downloaded 1 times. Фоксфорд.Курсы is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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