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Comments on Google play



My God, it is useful, but there's so many annoying little issues. If you go to character page, there's no way to see the rest of the wiki. There's no button to see the wiki front page or a table of contents for other pages (like on Chrome). There's also the problem that, if you try to look up a wiki page to take you to the home page, you legitimately cannot find it because it's buried underneath all of the character pages. I would use the Chrome version, but it's unfortunate glitching for me.



Similar to countless others around the world, I've always loved watching anime, reading manga, and playing video games. I always find myself researching character information, powers and abilities, game history, and even random trivia. But, I always got that information from the same place. Fandom is the pinnacle of research, information, and communication. In my personal opinion, the greatest library in media for anime, manga, games, and more!



The app experience is not intuitive. The web page version is easier to navigate (can provide examples). Also when going to the web version from a Google search, the app is default, but does not load. The loading lines will blink rapidly and not load anything. Thankfully the lines are small and hopefully they don't trigger someone with epilepsy.



The app is great to use when I need to look up something from my favorite franchises. I sometimes use this app when I play certain games. Before I had open the web browser to look the information I need. Though I wonder why the include other wiki pages than mainstream ones; referring to the pokemon one. As for the ads, they aren't too intrusive from what I read from other people reviews. The app is not too hard to use; at first it was a confusing interface but it got easier to use.



Very user-unfriendly and the wiki features are downright clunky. Typing a term into the search bar NEVER takes you straight to the page in question, but to a drop down list which always contains the term you just typed into it. On pages with info separated into multiple tabs (on browsers) there's no apparent way to switch between then--no, you have to go back to the search menu and scroll to see if what you were looking for is there. If you didn't already know what you were looking for, GLHF.



the app is nice, giving me notifications for news on various topics I'm interested in like xbox, Microsoft, assassins creed, star wars, etc. But this is a medium in which links to news articles are posted, so sometimes those links lead to websites that have varying levels of advertisements. Some are okay with a little something at the bottom screen but others have popups and a video ad after every paragraph.



The app is adequate, but it puts extra steps between you and the content you want that the individual apps didn't. I find it a pain overall and being presented with a limited selection of choices to subscribe to just feels cold and impersonal, especially if multiple wikis exist for the same thing and you can't tell which you're getting. It's Wikia's branding that really does the experience in, though, because it rips the heart out of the individual communities.



It's nice to have all of my Fandoms in one place. The app is well-organized and easy to navigate but somtimes hard to read. Text seems jumbled at times. A dark theme option would easily fix this in my opinion. A few small changes and the addition of missing wikis in the future and I would rate this a solid five stars.



I picked up the app because several wikis push it aggressively if viewed in a mobile browser. The wikis are in the app, but they're harder to use in-app than with a browser and the app spams "news" article notifications all day. If there was an option to view the desktop versions of the wikis or set the wikis to be the default page when clicking on a category, the app would feel a lot less like a missed opportunity.



I greatly appreciate all the hard work that goes into the app, but I still have a few issues when using it. First, if I open the app by clicking the app drawer icon, everything I do after that is extremely slow, whether I'm on LTE, home WI-Fi or Starbucks; doesn't make a difference. Starting from a link is faster. Also, once I make it to a wiki for a TV show or whatever, the expandable arrows at the bottom for summary or overview straight up don't expand or collapse AT ALL when I click them...


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