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Developer: Evernote Corporation
Categories: Work
Android version: 6.0+
Size: 144.7 MB
Downloads: 1
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Updated: 22.01.2022
Limitations: Everyone


Evernote is considered by many to be one of the best note-organizing apps out there. It is available on many platforms. Including on Android OS.

Pros and functional features of the program

Evernote offers a ton of options for organizing your personal affairs. Come up with a valuable idea? Why not record it now? Evernote allows you to do this.

After you can find the note very quickly, share the idea with other users. Schedule of appointments and tasks, projects and lists - all this will literally always be at hand.

Since it maintains sync across multiple platforms and devices, you can make corrections and organize your notes from a wide variety of locations as needed. At the same time, the user has text formatting tools in his hands. It is also possible to enable the autocomplete function to make your work faster and more convenient.

Evernote can be a truly indispensable tool for storing all types of notes and solving a wide variety of work and personal tasks.


  • Allows you to record, collect and save your ideas. Regardless of the format in which they were created, they can then be found very quickly;
  • Provides tools for keeping diaries, where you can enter a variety of events and stages of your life;
  • Allows you to copy especially interesting articles from sites so that you can return to reading them later;
  • Allows you to add photos, videos, sound files, etc. to text notes

The developers have even provided for a built-in scanner. So you can digitize your documents or images literally in a matter of seconds. Why not finally tidy up your archive this way?

The application allows you to create separate notebooks. For example, those intended for the writer's rough notes. Or for storing k�Linar recipes. At least it's much better than keeping a bunch of scattered notebooks on a shelf.

Evernote makes it hard to forget about an upcoming event. After all, the program has a built-in reminder. Especially punctual users can create daily lists of tasks to be completed during the day.

Once you have created notes, you can immediately share them with other users. Thus, collective remote work on the most ambitious projects is often carried out. And no more “fly-throughs” and meetings that only take up valuable time.

With Evernote on a smartphone, many users have given up paper altogether. Plus, it helps protect the environment.

Evernote offers separate disk storage for data storage.

Thus, the download of this application can be recommended to the widest circle of users - from schoolchildren and housewives to serious project managers and businessmen.

The Evernote mobile app is offered here completely free of charge.

Evernote for downloaded 1 times. Evernote is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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