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Comments on Google play



Would be great if it wasn't so buggy. Random white boxes cover text and come and go with zooming. In vertical mode the menus use the whole width of the screen, but the text is cut off at about 50% width. Zooming smaller makes the cut off portion visible, but this should be fixed. And ... no vertical scroll bar. This has been standard for weird processors for 20 years, why does a 2021 app not have it? Scrolling a large document to the end via swipe takes forever.



Every time I swap tasks, sheet has to reload from scratch. Does not stay in buffer like other apps. Have to click in cell and then function bar to type in cell. Extremely clumsy compared to Libre for PC. Also locked up and lost editing changes 3 times. Didn't get much farther. No point if it takes 5 minutes everytime to reload after looking at a website and coming back to enter 1 item. Good idea. Not well realized at current.



Unusable. Cursor gets characters stuck to it and then no matter what, nothing else can be done. Uninstalled immediately after this review. (This issue happened on the very first new document I created with the app, the very first time I used it after installing, after using it for a few seconds). HORRIBLE first impression. Still on the search for a good Office like app.



I was hopeful that this would be the Word replacment my Chromebook needs. Unfortunety, it's too glitchy to use. The least of its problems is the lack of a dyslexic friendly font like Veranda. Spell check doesn't have an option to correct mispelled words. Selecting "tools" will freeze the document and the only fix is to close the app, which then freezes part way through closing requiring a reboot to fix. A tutorial would also be nice; there's a lot to take in the first time using it.



It works as a reader and converter, but to open documents to modify they must be opened from within collabora office app. You can't use collabora office from Google Files or it won't have the right permissions. Also, it's not designed for large documents. To scroll down I have to flip one page at a time. A goto page option and/or scroll bars on the side would make it a little more user friendly.



No ads. Clunky interface makes it difficult to navigate spreadsheets and find functions. The interface is slow and laggy. A number of features (formatting columns) do not appear to be there. Couldn't load 2 spreadsheets at the same time. This app is best used as a reader for basic spreadsheets. There are better alternatives out there.



Latest update is very buggy. Trying to select a line of text in an odt file causes the display to "jitter" and flicker. Copying text from one file, then pasting it into another *appears* to work properly, but after you save and close the file the size of the file is reported as zero, and when opened it is indeed empty. The app has been rendered useless at this point.



I'm very hopeful about this app. What's there for text and spreadsheet works well and is very useful. But a lot is still missing. The whole drawing part is missing. And while "basic shapes" exist in the text program, there is no way to draw lines between those shapes. Also I can't figure out how to add greek & math symbols. So keep working. With a few more features I'm willing to pay or donate $$.



I would be very wary of this app. I have a 32bit lenovo chromebook and the charts have many issues, there are no keyboard short cuts, there is no scrolling capability ( you have to change the percent of spreadsheet shown on the monitor then select what you want, you can not scroll to it. There are more issues too numerous to mention.



There are two problems I always have with this. First, the app periodically stops working needs to be completely reset. Second, the app has a weird problem I've never seen before in software like this. Sometimes a character will become "stuck" to the cursor. Typing something puts it behind the character despite the cursor being in front of it, and backspacing deletes the character beside the "stuck" one. This problem is especially bad for productivity, and I can't recommend the app due to this.


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