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Updated: 03.02.2024

Developer: LBE Tech

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Parallel Space is a program for creating cloned apps on one device. With its help, for example, you can launch two Telegrams or Viber at the same time, each of which will use its own account. The 64 Bit version is designed for ARM64 and x86 devices, using a wider set of microprocessor instructions (this makes the program faster).

How to use?

In fact, Parallel Space works like a Virtual Machine. But in this case, a virtual Android shell is created, inside which you can run any programs regardless of the main OS. And they will work fully without affecting the cache of regular phone applications. For those who have several accounts in each of the popular social networks, this is an extremely useful utility. The only caveat is that it requires a device based on Android 6 and above to work (on Android 5 and below, you can install Parallel Space for 32-bit processors - this edition also exists).

Of the additional functions that the application provides, we can single out:

  • hidden installation of programs in the Parallel Space (they are not shown either on the desktop or in the Applications Menu);
  • you can create several "spaces", that is, you can run 3 or more copies of one program at once;
  • there is a "private" mode - after exiting the program, all traces are removed.

In addition, you can customize the appearance of the program using themes (there is even a built-in store for them), create an unlimited number of "spaces", switching between them in real time. At the same time, Android does not create temporary files, so the system will not slow down.

Another advantage of Parallel Space is that the application practically does not consume battery power. It is only used by programs that run in "space".

In total, Parallel Space is one of the most convenient and functional programs for cloning applications on Android. There are three versions of it: regular, pro and Lite. In most cases, the usual one is enough, it is free.

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  • Low power consumption.
  • A simple process for "cloning" programs.
  • Free to use.
  • Having a private mode.

Version History

Parallel Space - 64Bit Support 1.0.3105
03.02.24 0.8 MB Download
Parallel Space - 64Bit Support 1.0.3099
20.08.23 0.8 MB Download
Parallel Space - 64Bit Support 1.0.3095
31.12.22 0.8 MB Download
Parallel Space - 64Bit Support 1.0.3069
10.12.21 0.9 MB Download
Parallel Space - 64Bit Support 1.0.3086
10.12.21 0.8 MB Download
Parallel Space - 64Bit Support 1.0.3075
29.07.21 0.8 MB Download
Parallel Space - 64Bit Support 1.0.3064
20.06.20 0.9 MB Download
Parallel Space - 64Bit Support 1.0.3066
20.06.20 0.8 MB Download
Parallel Space - 64Bit Support 1.0.3055
16.11.19 42.1 KB Download

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