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Name bubble for JYPnation Extension: apk
Version: 1.1.1 Size: 28.1 MB

Comments on Google play



It's just okay. You don't actually chat to the artist personally, you basically receive automated messages.This is honestly a waste of time and money. Not worth it.



The app is alright the translation sucks though if u could pls find a better translation app! Also when you delete a msg from a chatroom let us type again because it's kind of unfair if we deleted our msgs but can't msg until the ARTIST msgs us back!? I also hope u can let the buyers type more then 3 times to an artist 💀



I love everything BUT. make it possible to screenshot on Android too, like... If it was about privacy then why u let iphones screenshot! It's not fair, I think, since we pay for it! Anyway all this I'm writing them with love and respect for the company! Thanks for giving us a chance to talk with them<3



I cant send a message. Keeps telling me to agree to terms and services which i did already. And the screen that tells me to accept the terms and services, has no place to accept them. Other than that i love the app



Personally, I love the app. I know its a bit unrealistic for the idols to respond to the thousands of messages received and its hard to understand the context of the conversation without knowing what they're responding to. Obviously many of them do not understand English so I can only imagine the translations have to be a pain and if English to Korean is as bad as Korean to English...yikes! It might not be perfect, but a better translator algorithm is well needed. Other than that, love this app



This app is very good, but it has some things that I don't like; three messages is very little, apart from the fact that these have a limit of letters; I don't like hearts being reset every time that the membership ends and it takes a while to have it again. These are things that I don't like because I pay monthly for something and I don't like losing my hearts every time I'm late.



So, this app looks really nice and all and navigating through it is rather simple. Unfortunately, it seems like I can't use the most important aspect of the app which is buying Bubbles to speak with artists. I first thought it was only me but the issue seems to be with other Android phones too. The thing is my phone is still just a year old and on its latest update along with the app, so I don't know what is going on here. Bubble please fix this problem as it seems it's one that's common.



whoever created this app deserves the world but anyways it takes a long time for me to load voice msgs sometimes takes up to hours, also the pictures and vids takes a min to load too. overall great, altho i think im the only one with this problem :')



Updating my review after over a year of use: The addition of another translation option is nice, but neither is accurate most of the time. It was nice when I could use my own translation app via SCREENSHOTS, but you took that away from me (I will be forever salty about that). Thanks for nothing 👍



This is my bias review coz i love TWICE regardless if they're giving english speakers a fair chance or not. Lol But i understand, in hundreds of replies they'll usually pick those written in koreans. It kinda hurt sometimes, when u feel like they'll never ever notice u, but the fact that we're under the same space, is already enough for me. On a serious review, i wish the auto translate is more accurate. Naver and google translations are sometimes way far from the actual translations.


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