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Category: Social

Размер: 40.7 MB

Updated: 20.02.2023

Developer: Wickr Inc

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Wickr Me is a new online messenger for mobile devices with the Android operating system. The application allows you to exchange messages, multimedia files and documents without leaving any traces on the Internet. According to the developers, their application has the highest indicators of security and anonymity, and therefore it can be used by people of absolutely any field of activity.

General description

Messenger Wickr Me uses the most secure and modern encryption protocols to transfer data or messages. Your messages to potential interceptors will not contain names, numbers, or locations. Even the sender and recipient will be securely encrypted, and potential data breaches will take years of work.

But the main function of the application is not even that. Wickr Me allows you to permanently delete messages at the request of users not only from two mobile phones, participants in the exchange of information, but also directly from servers that act as intermediaries between the sender and the recipient.

Thus, at absolutely any moment in time, you can "cover up" any traces without any options for recovering information. In addition, the messenger also has a standard set of features for programs of this kind - smilies, emoji, funny pictures, etc. You can download and use Wickr Me completely free of charge.


  • Use proven and reliable encryption protocols;
  • Ability to completely and irrevocably delete all personal data;
  • Support for many graphical tools and communication kits;
  • Ability to create group chats for up to 10 people;
  • Complete anonymity of users;
  • Lots of privacy settings.

Wickr Me – Private Messenger for downloaded 153 times. Wickr Me – Private Messenger is distributed freely in the file type apk.

All applications and games on our site are antivirus-tested using the most up-to-date signatures..

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  • Communication in private and group chats.
  • Strong encryption of chats and calls.
  • Permanently delete data.
  • For registration, no phone number or e-mail is required.

Version History

Wickr Me – Private Messenger 6.2.6
20.02.23 40.7 MB Download
Wickr Me – Private Messenger 6.0.6
02.01.23 40.5 MB Download
Wickr Me – Private Messenger 6.0.7
02.01.23 40.8 MB Download
Wickr Me – Private Messenger 6.0.9
02.01.23 40.8 MB Download
Wickr Me – Private Messenger 5.106.4
08.08.22 38.2 MB Download
Wickr Me – Private Messenger 5.106.5
08.08.22 38.2 MB Download
Wickr Me – Private Messenger 5.106.6
08.08.22 38.2 MB Download
Wickr Me – Private Messenger 5.97.2
30.01.22 39.9 MB Download
Wickr Me – Private Messenger 5.93.11
22.01.22 39.8 MB Download
Wickr Me – Private Messenger 5.96.2
22.01.22 39.9 MB Download

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