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Билеты ПДД 2021 РФ CD Экзамен ПДД Правила ПДД

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Developer: femtoice
Categories: Cars and transportation
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 19.2 MB
Downloads: 6
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Updated: 22.01.2022
Limitations: Everyone


  • Actual information about traffic rules.
  • The mode of the training exam in the traffic police.
  • Multiple exam modes.
  • Detailed training statistics.


  • Advertising presence.
  • Favorites may be reset.


SDA tickets CD 2020 + RF Exam 16+ is an application designed for teaching traffic rules and passing the exam in the MREO traffic police. Installed on any device with the Android platform, you can download it absolutely free. The tests in the program are based on the use of official questions for ticket categories C, C1, D and D1.

The study of traffic rules in the program takes place in two learning modes. First: tickets, each of which consists of 20 questions. The second mode: this is the study of each topic separately. A clear and detailed explanation is given for all questions in the tickets and for each topic. Thanks to the application, you can more easily and in a shorter time be trained in traffic rules and pass the theoretical part of the driving license exam.

Also in the application there is a special mode "Traffic rules Exam 2020", where it is proposed to answer 20 questions in 20 minutes, simulating passing the exam in MREO. Questions on tickets are accompanied by high-quality, high-resolution images simulating traffic situations.

For the convenience of finding important information for drivers, there is a special section in the application menu where the necessary reference information is collected. There you can find the current traffic rules, all possible road signs and markings. Conditions of vehicle approval for use, a list of possible malfunctions and many other useful information.

Features of the application Tickets SDA CD 2020 + RF Exam 16+:

  • has several different options for studying traffic rules;
  • there is a possibility of training when answering the most difficult questions;
  • statistics of answers to ticket questions are kept;
  • section with current fines and region codes;
  • new exam rules introduced (5 additional questions for each wrong answer);
  • regular updates;
  • developers can be contacted;
  • marathon mode - all questions must be answered in one go;
  • the ability to work on bugs.

The application is not without its drawbacks - perhaps minor inconsistencies with the correct answers. However, this can be easily eliminated by a timely update, the developers are always monitoring changes and fixing bugs and shortcomings.

Thanks to this application, each person has the opportunity to learn traffic rules absolutely anywhere, whether at home, at work or on the road. With it, you can quickly and easily prepare for the theoretical exam in the MREO traffic police and get a driver's license.

Билеты ПДД 2021 РФ CD Экзамен ПДД Правила ПДД for downloaded 6 times. Билеты ПДД 2021 РФ CD Экзамен ПДД Правила ПДД is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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Билеты ПДД 2021 РФ CD Экзамен ПДД Правила ПДД
Added: 2021-12-15
Билеты ПДД 2021 РФ CD Экзамен ПДД Правила ПДД
Added: 2021-12-15
Билеты ПДД 2021 РФ CD Экзамен ПДД Правила ПДД
Added: 2020-08-17
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