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Banknotes 2017

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Developer: АО "Гознак"
Categories: Finance
Android version: 4.4+
Size: 72 MB
Downloads: 131
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Updated: 27.04.2020


  • A very simple check of 2000 and 200 rubles banknotes.
  • Instructions for self-check.
  • 3D-visualization of objects on the banknote.


  • Authentication result may not be valid.
  • On some devices, the banknote cannot be recognized.


Banknotes 2017 is an application for acquaintance with the banknotes of the Bank of Russia currently in circulation. Contains information about the security features of banknotes. Using the camera of the gadget, you can find out the year of the sample of the bill and the presence of some security features. But it does not guarantee one hundred percent determination of authenticity.


The main application window contains the emblems of the Russian ruble and the Goznak company. To the right of them is a tool button for identifying a banknote using the gadget's camera, examining a banknote of 2000 and 200 rubles.

After launching the tool for identifying the banknote, a camera will open, which must be pointed at the banknote. After the bill is identified, the existing authenticity marks will be marked on it. The buttons "Check" and "About banknote" will appear on the right.

Going into the research section of a 2000 ruble note, the user will see this bill in the background, below it buttons for turning the bill to the other side with animation and displaying a detailed description of the bill with a description of all protective inclusions.

On the right is a list of buttons:

  • Tactile - shows the places where you can tactilely feel the protective devices.
  • When tilted - places that change at an angle.
  • Under a magnifying glass - small signs of a real bill, invisible to the naked eye.
  • In the light - security elements visible only when the bill is translucent.

The section with the study of the 200 ruble bill is arranged in a similar way.

The interface language, hints, feedback and instructions for working with the program are set in the application settings.


The application is worth downloading for those users who, due to their duty, often deal with banknotes: sellers, cashiers, bank employees, etc.

Banknotes 2017 for downloaded 131 times. Banknotes 2017 is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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