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Developer: ePN
Categories: Purchases
Android version: 4.3+
Size: 31.3 MB
Downloads: 0
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Updated: 22.01.2022
Limitations: Teen


  • usability


  • cashback from offline purchases
  • Description

    Backit is an application for getting cashback from popular online stores and not only. The essence of his work is to return a percentage of the purchase price in partner stores. This service has one of the highest percentages with an impressive store base.

    A smartphone application was created for convenient monitoring of stocks in stores, as well as the use of the service. This is becoming more relevant every day, as more and more people make purchases from a mobile device, and not from a computer.


    The program can send notifications about all promotions, or from certain, selected stores.

    There is also a function that is not available on a PC - receipt scanning. With its help, you can get a refund for purchases that were made offline in local stores. And it even works with some grocery supermarkets.

    When entering the application, the first thing to do is offer to register. You can log in using your accounts and social networks.

    After going to the main page at the very top you can see the inscription: "How to use the service?" This is the section where the developers have answered all the frequently asked questions:

    • how to get cashback for online purchases;
    • cashback for checks;
    • where to find the credited cashback after purchase;
    • how to withdraw money;
    • how cashback works in general;
    • what to do if the cashback is not credited.

    And if you are interested in some less common question, then in the same section at the bottom there is a button to go to technical support.

    Returning to the main page, you can see that half of the screen is occupied by promotional offers. There are always several of them in different directions, so you can immediately find something suitable.

    Slightly below the buttons are located: "Check cashback", "Invite a friend", "Cashback up to 90%", "Scan receipt", "Orders and receipts". The first will help you find out if there is a cashback for the desired item.are or not, as well as its size. It is enough to insert a link to it in the window.

    The second button will show a referral link that can be sent to friends. This way you can get a part of the cashback from their purchases.

    The section under the third button contains the goods for which the most money will be returned.

    The fourth key is used to scan receipts from offline stores, and under the fifth is the history of purchases made through the service.

    At the very bottom are the navigation keys:

    1. Home - will return to the main page.
    2. Stores - opens a list of service partners and shows the maximum percentage of return to them.
    3. Checks - a list of establishments, as well as specific goods in them, for which you can get a refund when scanning a check.
    4. Products - catalog of products with cashback from Aliexpress.
    5. Account - shows information about the user: payment history, available promotional codes, invited friends.

    In some sections, functions are duplicated (for example, you can write to technical support from the account menu), so there is no point in repeating yourself.

    Advantages and Disadvantages

    The positive aspects of the application and service in general include:

    • usability;
    • refunds from offline purchases;
    • number of stores;
    • percentage;
    • search for a specific product.

    Of the minuses, we can only note the duplication of functions in different sections, which somewhat overloads the interface. But on the other hand, finding something is easier.

    Backit for downloaded 0 times. Backit is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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