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Version: 11.3.15 Size: 174.2 MB

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B612 app is good for filters but always keep stopping and glitches and when i edit any photo with ar filters it's not saving, it's becoming black 😭plz fix it.. and it exits on it's own while I'm editing and crashes a Lott🤦otherwise it's good



I really like this app when I was in Grade 7 up until now. You can edit your picture anything you want like makeups, filters, frames, and edit the size of your features.



Has so many options to filter a picture, it really is ridiculous! The only problem is the storage factor, it takes up a lot of your storage. But other than that its definitely got everything & then some.



I'm giving it only one star because of its ridiculous performance. Whenever I try to open it, it stops working. I can't use it normally because as I said it stops working and hangs. Keeping this app in my moblie phone has also started affecting my device. Kindly look into the matter.



I love this app but you guys have recently deleted a filter from effects > blur > particle filter - which makes the entire picture a bit particle and dusty. Please bring that filter back too. I don't want only background one but that entire one. Thank you!



I am giving it 4 stars but this app is amazing I love its filters..They are wonderful and awsome..This app is really useful in editing piuctures and videos .. but I am giving it 4 stars bcz some times it stops working and when I edit a picture the results i expect really doesnt match..Which is a bit annoying..



This app was my favorite app. But now, I can't click a single picture using this app. Whenever I am tapping on the shutter button, I am getting kicked out of the app. I got a notification few days ago which told me to update my software and there was written that this update will make my tab run smooth, so I updated it, but still this app isn't working. Youcam makeup was better, but I don't know why Youcam makeup just got vanished from playstore, And now this app is not working as well. 😩



It's actually good at use when u have less time and more work. Editing and Photoshoping is much better in this. You can smoothly complete your work. But I had to uninstall one time, cause brush didn't work well.



Redownloaded this app after 2 years and I must say it's much more better. Anyway I'm having I issues with the video recording. The Audio and video don't tally. It actually lags and is so slow sometimes. Can it be fixed please. Plus the picture and video quality reduces when you take a pic or video. It gets a bit dark like an old 2008 camera.



i turn off every beautifying effects, but when i take a selfie, it puts it back on and my face looks like a baby and i can't take it off, super annoying. also a bit laggy and the audio doesn't sync with the video, but it's an overall good app.


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