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Apk Manager

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Developer: Magma Mobile Apps
Categories: Tools
Android version: 1.1+
Size: 0 MB
Downloads: 11
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Updated: 28.04.2020
Limitations: Everyone


Apk Manager (Magma Mobile Apps) is a convenient and compact file manager that are installed on the Android OS.

Pros and Features of the App

The Apk Manager (Magma Mobile Apps) presented here is not only easy to learn, but also an extremely effective tool for multilateral management of all apk files that are stored on the user's smartphone or on an external memory card.

There is even a tool for backing up these files so that later they can be quickly restored in case of unforeseen situations. In this case, you do not have to waste time looking for installation files.

The interface itself is simple and even somewhat austere. This is not to say that it was bad. After all, you can focus directly on working with the application, and not be distracted by all sorts of graphical "goodies".

The program allows you to:

  • Quickly and easily install any application, if there is a source apk installation file;
  • And also uninstall the program from the smartphone without leaving a trace. Even if it cannot be removed with standard Android tools;
  • Files can be sorted by specific filter values.

This manager also allows you to rename files, exchange them with other users.

Apk Manager (Magma Mobile Apps) is offered for free. But it also offers a ton of great features. By the way, some of them are not even in their paid counterparts.

For example, here you can enable the ability to process several files at once.

It is worth noting such an undocumented function as removing a mobile virus along with an infected application. So, if you happen to download an infected apk file, the threat can be quickly and easily neutralized by simply deleting this file from your device using Apk Manager (Magma Mobile Apps).

Thus, the Apk Manager program will become the best helper for every user withsmartphones based on Android OS.

Download and Install Apk Manager App (Magma Mobile Apps)

You can download this application at any time - both from a variety of third-party sources and from the Android store. It is recommended to select only sources that are known to be trusted as a source.

The principle of downloading is quite simple:

  • Login to your store account;
  • In the search box, type: Apk Manager (Magma Mobile Apps);
  • A list of available applications will be displayed, among which you want to find the one you need;
  • Then go to the program page. Main information about the program is provided here. In addition, you can see screenshots, read reviews from other users and leave your own truthful review;
  • All that remains is to click the virtual download button and wait for the installation to complete.

In the case of downloading the apk file of the clock, you will first need to open this file in any mobile explorer, and then run it for installation.

Apk Manager for downloaded 11 times. Apk Manager is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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