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Anti Mosquito Sound

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Developer: Fanky Dev
Categories: Tools
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 9.1 MB
Downloads: 10
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Updated: 12.05.2020


  • Works for free.
  • Does not affect humans and pets.
  • Select the desired frequency.
  • Small size.


  • Not receiving updates.
  • Running in the background.


Anti Mosquito Sound is a kind of unique application for Android OS that, using ultrasonic vibrations, can scare away mosquitoes and other annoying midges.

The program is distributed completely free of charge, which already speaks to some plus in favor of downloading it. The purpose is to expel all mosquitoes from the room, as well as other flying midges along the way.

Anti Mosquito Sound is based on the fact that ultrasonic waves can repel mosquitoes. For them, ultrasound is extremely unpleasant, but a person does not hear it. So you can continue to go about your business, not paying attention to extraneous noises. And mosquitoes won't even get close to the room where Anti Mosquito Sound works.

This application will be especially relevant for night use.

Using the program is very simple, literally everyone can quickly learn it:

  • First you need to download Anti Mosquito Sound;
  • Then run;
  • On the main screen, select the Enable option.

Actually, that's all. You can minimize the application, but not close it completely. It will emit an ultrasound that is unpleasant for gnats. You will not have to spend money on chemicals and cause additional harm to your body.

Accordingly, to turn off the application, on the main screen, you can select the option - Turn off.

There is also a tool called LOW Volume here. Its essence is that the application will emit sounds at a low frequency, but still in the ultrasonic range. This option should be used if the standard operating mode does not suit.

It is also possible to switch to high frequency ultrasound. This mode should also be used if Anti Mosquito Sound does not work in normal mode. In addition, some species of insects respond better to it.

Key Features of Mosquito Repellent Application: Anti Mosquito Sound:

  • Selecting sound playback for differentx frequencies;
  • Quick access to the application.

The program itself does not take up much space and does not waste smartphone system resources, so it can be run on a wide variety of devices.

Generally speaking, not all types of mosquitoes can react in the same way to repelling them with ultrasound. Indeed, today more than three thousand varieties of mosquitoes are known. Hence, everything is very individual. Experimenting with ultrasound frequencies is recommended to find the optimal operating mode.

If during the operation of the application you start to feel a feeling of discomfort, headaches, nausea, etc. - the program should be disabled immediately.

The same goes for inappropriate behavior of pets. Some may react painfully to ultrasound.

It is not recommended to listen with headphones and at full volume of the smartphone.

Anti Mosquito Sound for downloaded 10 times. Anti Mosquito Sound is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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Anti Mosquito Sound
Added: 2020-06-20
Anti Mosquito Sound
Added: 2020-06-20
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