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It's great if you don't mind waiting for what you want! The deals are great, but pay attention to the shipping price. Some say free, but that's for certain things. Read the description carefully and understand they're speaking the best English they know how wish isn't always clear. The reviews seem AI generated at times, but worth reading non the less!



It's okay but can use improvement. As others have said, the app is limited and not all sellers can be trusted due to fake reviews and the like. I dislike how it's hard to see the different options available for an item. As someone said, you can't zoom in and there's no mechanism to help enlarge it. It makes the process of buying some items confusing because you can't accurately perceive what you're buying.



Very user friendly app for making purchases. Love all the great deals on top of great sales items. Easy to navigate through their platform and most all sellers have great photos to reference from. They guarantee shipment fulfillment which leaves me with a reassuring shopping experience. I've had no orders yet that that I've had a bad experience with and I order many items as I am a wholesale buyer. All thumbs up here!



I still haven't received all of my purchases. The APP is difficult to use and the delivery time is horrible. To track the order is difficult. I'm all for combining orders. However, on several deliveries I didn't receive all the items that were combined in the shipment. It is difficult to dispute individual orders when combined. Please contact me on the items I never received because the companies still haven't after several attempts to reach out to them through the APP.



Not all sellers on this site can be trusted. There is no option to contact Ali exp. Or reopen dispute. Showing different item image and another price, but when you select the product the price changes, show free shipping but actually no free shipping, shows free return but actually no free return, need to pay more price to return to China. One good thing is there are few good sellers too but difficult to find.



Truely enjoy shopping on AliExpress. The prices are great. Also there is free shipping on alot of items, and great deals ( My favorite is 3 items for $7.89). There are quite a few ways to earn discounts too. I used to be a Wish shopper but Im all for AliExpress now. I gave only 4 ⭐s because some merchants arent so honest (just read a few reviews), and sometimes the price will be shown and/or free shipping, but the next page will have a different price and shipping cost.



I had a horrible experience actually. Purchase a pair of sleep headphones that didn't work properly. The sound kept on interrupting and breaking up. I've opened the return case to try to get my money back or exchange but they wanted me to send proof and when I asked what kind of proof I need for sound they never responded or helped me. It's a good thing I got them really cheap otherwise I would have lost a big chunk of money. Never buying anything from China again!



Great site, lots of selection, can combine shipping when buying from same store, refunds are easy enough. Most places are very considerate and willing to work with you. It does take a very long time to get most stuff, especially if you are doing the cheapest shipping, but worth it when you are saving typically over 50% on certain items. I am buying enamel pins, retail an average of $10, on this app, I can get item shipped to my house for an average of $2-3. So it takes longer, so what



Hate it! I can't search for new items. I'm so tired of seeing repeated items from the same stores being displayed everytime I search for something. Only popular/trendy items are constantly showed. Also, another problem is that some sellers are fake. I don't get why Aliexpress still allow this and won't shut down their stores. Disputes take forever to resolve. Which is a complete letdown. Customer service sucks and do not help at all. And worse of all, shipping takes forever. Almost a month.



Nice and smooth running app. I've ordered a few things and so far so good. They just take awhile to get to the states. It's hard to beat pretty nice phone casess for less than five bucks total though. However, it's really easy to, "fall down the rabbit hole." I've seen so many things here that I've never seen before! It's also a good way for us in the states to see what the rest of the world's moving on to while we keep focusing on image and fame, instead of knowledge...


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