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Enjoy this keyboard, but hesitant to use it more often. Dictionary and predictive spelling not up to snuff for my daily use. Other keyboards do a much better job, with more mistakes on my part (due to smaller keys) , of suggesting what they think I meant. Because of this, I dont use it enough to warrant paying to remove ads. One ad a day currently meets my usage. Favorite feature is the customization available for the keyboard.



Need key sensitivity to be more precise, less generous area. Make person touch key in middle of key and not also touch dn extraneous key near it when entering a given key. I don't use predictive mode, it is very disconserting when keys appear and disappear.



Its functions are very nice & well designed. But im sorry to say that my phone becam unstable after a few days. Im gon try another app



I don't have large fat fingers but being a very senior citizen my hands shake a bit. I have installed this keyboard on my car after market Android media unit and it helps enormously. The other issue I have is because the car is right hand drive, you need to use your left hand to control the media unit. I just couldn't use the standard keyboard with its small keys. Now I can. Thankyou, thankyou.



Overall a good concept. Sometimes you press a key and get a different letter. For me the 'n' is too close to the space bar. No microphone to voice to text. Has issues and if you don't pay 6.95 you get ads. Guys you need to work on this. Your nowhere close to a 6.95 app price yet. Just saying. I uninstalled it.



Easy set up perfect sizes. Its just great. No complents at all 🥰



Horrible keyboard layout and ads suck as does NO voice text mic! Uninstalled



I assume that this keyboard would be useful to people who need larger keys for dexterity and/or sight reasons, however those of us that are used to typing in a qwerty keyboard the positioning of the keys is very awkward. I found myself making more errors because keys that are normally on the same line are spread over two or more lines. I found that my physical memory of where keys are supposed to be in relation to each other required too much concentration to overcome; this slowed me down.



I bought a phone that has a common fault - it won't recognise touches on the very edges of the screen properly. The built-in keyboard worked fine...if you never use the spacebar, the backspace key or the letter p. It literally took the P. I downloaded this app and set it all up in about two mins. Problem solved! All keystrokes now register. Every lovely letter works once more. Many thanks! It was driving me insane.



This keyboard has MANY great features, which make it very desirable, however it is so buggy that it makes typing messages ten times longer than necessary. The cursor shoots all over the place; words in random places get changed when typing. Its a mess. I really want this to work. One feature that would make a huge difference would be an undo button, so i can undo the mess this keyboard makes.


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