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All-In-One Calculator

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Developer: MINDBOX
Categories: Tools
Android version: 5.0+
Size: 10.9 MB
Downloads: 0
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Updated: 22.01.2022
Limitations: Everyone


All-In-One Calculator is a free tool that combines the functionality of a calculator and a converter. A universal assistant in your mobile will become indispensable in any calculations, especially since even financial calculations do not require constant access to the Internet.

All-In-One Calculator Application Functionality

  • 75 calculators, divided into 6 sections: algebra, geometry, unit converters, finance, health and miscellaneous, where the latter combined the calculations of time differences and calculations according to Ohm's law;
  • separate layout for scientific or simple calculator (choose one of them);
  • instant calculations on data entry;
  • copy and paste symbols, move the cursor in the main calculator window;
  • demonstration of the final answer and intermediate results of mathematical calculations;
  • automatic calculation of all possible geometric values: thus, having received the values ​​of the side and the height of the pyramid, the calculator will give its area, volume and perimeter;
  • plotting;
  • search by operation name;
  • add a specific calculator to the favorites section.

You can get acquainted with all calculators and converters directly in the application.

Additional information

The calculator will cope with any everyday mathematical or financial problem. Do you keep track of your fuel consumption or do you often use recipes that require different units? Add a widget of any function to the home screen to instantly launch a specific calculator. Alternatively, use the Favorites section in the main application window.

All-In-One Calculator has a convenient, well-thought-out interface and laconic design. Nothing superfluous that would distract from the calculations. After going to the settings section, you can change the color theme: a choice of 40 options with dark and light substrates.

The tool is adapted to work on Android mobile phones and tablets, regardless of the screen diagonal. When interacting with other applications, the developers suggest using a floating calculator that can be moved to any position on top of an already open window.

Getting step-by-step solutions to equations, percentage problems and other calculations is available without an Internet connection. Similarly, offline, currency conversion is carried out - rates are automatically updated every time you access the Web.

This calculator is free to download. Also, there are no internal restrictions on the use of program functions. Purchasing the PRO version blocks ads, the same action is available after inviting 10 friends.

All-In-One Calculator for downloaded 0 times. All-In-One Calculator is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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