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VK Live

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Categories: Social
Android version: 4.3+
Size: 35.8 MB
Downloads: 7
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Updated: 12.10.2020
Limitations: Teen


VK Live is a free Android application for broadcasting, which you can download from our website. The program is a streaming service. With its help, users can broadcast on the popular Russian social network - vKontakte. Click on the cherished red button and communicate with the audience from anywhere.

Another way to communicate

"VK Live" is a convenient method of communicating with friends and subscribers. All a streamer needs is just to enter the application using a username and password, allow access to the camera and click on the broadcast button. After that, you can start communicating with the audience - share emotions with them, discuss the latest news, listen to music together, watch a movie, play cooperative games or go through solo games. Do whatever your heart desires.

Viewers, in turn, can write short messages, send emojis, gifts. Gifts are another kind of gratitude to the streamer, which, by the way, is the currency of VKontakte. The amount of votes credited to the account depends on their number. The more gifts, the more ways to develop streaming activities and unlock new stickers for broadcast. VK Live users, together with the presenter, will receive new emoji packs and use them during communication. Simple and convenient! Viewers give gifts - the streamer gets votes - and spends them on new stickers for everyone. Thus, everyone is happy and happy.

Also, rare visitors and frequent guests can become co-hosts of the broadcast - it all depends on the choice of the streamer. He can also appoint a moderator. His duties include monitoring the chat, temporarily drowning out the viewer if doubts arise about its adequacy, or banning. A ban, by the way, can also be temporary for a minor violation of the broadcast rules, or permanent. "Permach", as the people call it, is a life-long ban. There is practically no point in challenging this type of blocking. A "permach" is issued for profanity, insulting a streamer, moderator or one of the guests of the broadcast, as well as for threats or endless trolling. Cancellation of a ban (unban) can be discussed jointly - by the streamer and the moderator, or at the discretion of one of them.

To encourage adequate, sociable and fun viewers, the administrator and streamer can assign special roles. This way of gratitude will nudge newbies into proper human communication and alienate trolls and angry viewers.

Pros of the application:

  • User-friendly interface;
  • High speed of work;
  • Unlimited viewers;
  • Donates;
  • Encouraging viewers;
  • Assigning moderators and administrators;
  • Bans and Mutes.

VK Live for downloaded 7 times. VK Live is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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Added: 2021-12-20
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