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Virtual Lighter

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Developer: BN Infotech
Categories: Entertainment
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 4.3 MB
Downloads: 1
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Updated: 12.05.2020
Limitations: Everyone


Virtual lighter is a funny Android application that simulates a real lighter.

This application does not have any payload. However, it quite effectively and realistically imitates a metal lighter. What needs to be done to activate the lighter? Open the virtual lighter cover with your finger or shake it - and then spin the flint wheel. Everything is exactly the same as with a regular lighter. The flame may not even be triggered the first time. From the second, from the third. The main thing is to get used to it.

Moreover, the fire realistically reacts to the movement of the phone. You can even blow out the flames. For this function to be enabled, it must be enabled in the options.

The application allows you to select images of lighters. Moreover, these images are quite realistic. You can choose any of the presented images.

Of course, this is just light virtual fun for yourself and your friends. Inside the program there are realistic 3D models, believable sounds and many other interesting features.

You can even download an application just to surprise your friend when he asks for a "spark".

Surely many people know how spectators take out smartphones and lighters during concerts. So, you can use this program just in this case. Moreover, the developers have introduced a special concert mode.

What are the advantages for this application:

  • Realistic graphics;
  • Realistic sounds;
  • Realistic use - you can trigger a flame by opening the lid and moving the virtual wheel with your finger;
  • Compactness of the application and undemanding system requirements, so you can start the lighter even on a device that is not the most productive;
  • Flexible settings for the behavior of the flame and types of lighters;
  • Optimized battery usage;
  • Realistic behavior�� the flame, its reaction to the movement of the phone;
  • Ease of use - even a beginner can quickly figure out how the program works.

A big plus of the application is that the Lighter can be downloaded and installed completely free of charge.

How to download and install the program

To have such a cool lighter on your smartphone, you need to download and install it, respectively. Fortunately, this is done very simply, in standard ways and does not imply any specialized skills and knowledge from the user.

Firstly, the application is available for download in the apk archive. If the installation file was first downloaded to your computer, you need to somehow transfer it to the smartphone folder, where you open and run it through the standard file Explorer.

In addition, the Lighter is available for download in the official Android application store. In this case, everything is carried out in a fully automated mode, no active actions are required from the user.

Virtual Lighter for downloaded 1 times. Virtual Lighter is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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  • Realistic simulated lighter.
  • Reacts to device movement.
  • Works for free.


  • The application is not receiving updates.
  • Can slow down animation.
  • Contains ads.
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