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Устав военной полиции ВС РФ (17.06.2017)

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The Charter of the Military Police of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (06/17/2017) is, respectively, an application for the Android OS, which contains full information about the Charter.

What are the pros and cons

The military police are designed to ensure law and order and military discipline in the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

The Charter defines all the main directions in the activities of the police, its powers and functional settings. It also indicates the structure of the police, situations in which the use of weapons, special equipment, methods of coercion, etc. is permissible.

The program is distributed absolutely free of charge, while offering the following advantages:

  • Stylish exterior;
  • Easy to learn and use interface;
  • Compactness of the application, fast work even on not the most powerful devices;
  • Adaptable to touch screens of various sizes.

This Charter was approved through the decree of the President of the Russian Federation in March 2015. The charter was subjected to a comprehensive anti-corruption examination.

In particular, this document indicates that the military police is a law enforcement body in the ranks of the Russian armed forces, designed to protect the life and health of military personnel, civilians, conscripts, and to ensure their legal rights and freedoms.

In addition, the military police can ensure the safety of vehicles, guard sensitive facilities.

The military police were given quite broad powers. This is not only a confrontation with criminal acts on the part of military personnel, but also the detention, use - if necessary - of physical force and small arms, cold weapons.

The Charter contains a complete list of those special equipment that military police can use if necessary - handcuffs, baton, etc.

One of the most important functions of this body is to ensure discipline within the garrisonsBy the names of the military personnel of the commandant's offices. The military police have the authority to conduct surprise checks to enforce the rule of law within garrisons and military units.

Download and install the Charter on your mobile phone

To have the most complete understanding of this Charter, you need to download it to your phone.

Fortunately, this is done very simply, in standard ways and does not imply any specialized skills for the user.

First, the app is available for download in apk format. If the installation file was first downloaded to your computer, it must be transferred in one way or another to the smartphone folder, where you can open and run it through a standard file viewer.

In addition, the Charter is available for download in the official Android application store. In this case, everything is carried out in a fully automated mode, no active actions are required from the user.

Устав военной полиции ВС РФ (17.06.2017) for downloaded 1 times. Устав военной полиции ВС РФ (17.06.2017) is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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