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Name Universal TV Remote Control Extension: apk
Version: 1.1.24 Size: 9.8 MB

Comments on Google play



Shows full screen ads and popups for downloading crapware on startup and on every single tap. Watched four ads before I even got to the first feature, and a fifth when closing the app. I'm willing to pay for a good app, but there is no way of telling whether this would be good, because it'll make you want to kill yourself before you even configurered your first remote.



Very usefull and freindly app. The button selection and buttons are easy to use. In a situation which requires a smart device to replace the remote temporarily or regularly. Due to battery drain or tv remote malfunction. The power on feature although is not effective but the power off switch is normal.



I like it very much. I only have two issues. 1 - once I came out of the app... To connect, I had to give it permission so I can use it again. 2 - the mouse pad was giving trouble to use. 3-09-20 - I have a LG TV. Point 1 above - once you close off the app on your phone, you have to give permission to the app from the TV for it to work each time you use it.



Update.*Works well on Android TVs also.:). * Perfect for my Samsung smart tizen TV and Roku. It's easy to use and connect with my TV's instantly. Highly recommend it if you have Samsung and Roku TVs. Will try the other remotes in the app. I am sure the IR ones will also work if you have the right infrared hardware in your phone. My pixel4 xl does not support infrared, so can't say for sure but on my smart TVs it worked.



It's rubbish. I installed for about 1 hour or so before giving up. It needs pairing ALL THE TIME. So what's the point? I had to walk to the tv to accept constantly. AD heavy, but glad I didn't upgrade, as its useless. Bad ADS too, the "warning your phone is at risk" type ads.



used to be a great app but now there's too many ads and more than half the time you have to go back and forth between main menu and the ads because they don't let you use the remote unless you click back to the setup menu. super effing annoying. Don't download this.



Works sort of. The volume doesn't work, nor does the mute button. I'm not sure about the rest as I need to finish testing them but to be honest there's really no reason to keep the app of the things I listed don't work since that's what I was looking for was something that would work for volume mostly. Something that would replace the remote in case it was lost or of my bf had it and I wanted to turn it down. So I guess I'll uninstall it since it isn't doing what I need it to do.



Both my phone and my TV set are connected to the same WiFi network. Still, after selecting my TV's brand, the app is unable to detect my TV. It's worth noting that my TV has the latest software update. Oh, and btw, just a comment: the ads wouldn't allow using the app anyway.



First app out of all that I've tried that actually worked on my LG Smart TV, and it worked flawlessly, instantly and without even using the IR on the phone (meaning any smart phone can use this function). However they don't have Vizio Smart TV control for my other TV or most of the brands yet and when I tried to use the IR I get no options/instructions on how to set it up. It doesn't seem to work



Works great on our Hisense, but my Vizio says to connect to the same Wi-Fi network... Except they Are connected to the same Wi-Fi. Also, if you go into the LG TV setting, it can actually see the Vizio and makes it an option. That controller doesn't work either, but the fact that it made it an option proves it can be connected, there is just something wrong with the actual Vizio Smart TV settings in the app. Thank you, I would happily give 5 stars if this gets fixed!


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