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Food Checklist - Groceries Expiration and Shopping

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Developer: Chester SW
Categories: Purchases
Android version: 5.0+
Size: 24.5 MB
Downloads: 5
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Updated: 16.08.2022
Limitations: Everyone


Product Tracker, Expiry Date, Shopping List is a program for making a list of products in your refrigerator, freezer, cellar, pantry, etc. With it, you can record expiration dates, create shopping lists before going to the store, sort items by category, and add storage space. This way you will know the exact amount and where you put them. Download the program for Android from our website, especially since the installation is free and does not contain viruses.

Everything for the owner and hostess

The application consists of four main parts and one additional one, which fully satisfy user requirements, simplify keeping records of stored products and remembering storage locations.

Part 1: My Products

This menu item is used to add products to the program that you plan or already store at home. They can also have an expiration date and date of purchase. A distinctive feature of the application is a color indicator, the hue of which dims as it approaches the end of the shelf life. You can also configure the receipt of notifications here. Alerts will come the way you set them up and also, as an indicator, indicate the degree of spoilage of the product.

Any product can be copied from this list and added to the "Shopping List" along with the quantity.

Part 2: Shopping List

Serves to create a list of products required for purchase. After returning home, some or all of the list items can be moved to My Products. For even accounting, you must indicate the number of goods.

Part 3: Barcodes

A useful feature that scans barcodes and excise stamps with a camera. Further, all information about the product will be saved to the phone. This method is very convenient, as it later allows you to access the information stored on the phone, and not re-scan the goods on the shelves.

Part 4: Lists and Places

Another point of the program, which serves to create categories of products and remembers the location of their storage. The option has a lot of settings, but it won't be a problem to understand them.
Additional part
The next option involves synchronizing programs on the devices of all family members. This method will be convenient for everyone, since it allows you to transfer the saved data, and not re-write it to each phone separately.

Food Checklist - Groceries Expiration and Shopping for downloaded 5 times. Food Checklist - Groceries Expiration and Shopping is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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