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Name TweetCaster for Twitter Extension: apk
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Comments on Google play



Used to love this app, but the ads are SUPER intrusive and cause my timeline to skip around when they load new ones. Also, having constant ads at the bottom AND in my feed are super annoying. Please pick one over the other cause having both is causing the app to mess up (I keep having to rescroll to find the last tweet I was reading)



Great app, but OneLouder really needs to get on the ball and update it for modern operating systems. Since Android 9, it has been painfully slow, and video tweets require several taps of the back button to exit. So yeah, taking away two stars until this gets fixed.



it keeps crashing. it's not updated as frequently as it use to be a few years ago. UPDATE from original 1/1/19 review. The app just completely stopped working out of the blue today. Keep getting an "unable to authenticate" message. I prefer this way over the Twitter app and have plenty of drafts saved but Tweetcaster takes forever to update so I have no choice but to use the Twitter app. Fix this ASAP! This is ridiculous.



Loved and used this app _heavily_ for years. During that time I sent multiple emails asking how to pay for it because the in-app purchases links didn't work. No answer. Latest upgrade introduced ads, DM notifications no longer work, latest email asking how to pay for it still unanswered. Time to move on. Talon looks promising and I'm willing to pay for it just to try it out. In response to OneLouder App's reply: Too little, too late. I'm gone.



The application continues to jump up and down throughout my timeline any time a new tweet is added. The addition of advertisements is also discouraging, which makes it difficult to enjoy. I really want to enjoy the benefits of Twitter, but the experience is becoming a nuisance. If bugs are not fixed Twitter has the potential of tons of users.



Long time user. Love clean interface and that my tweets are sorted in chronological order. Having issue where the app suddenly went down 2 days ago 1/27/2020. Cannot download new tweets. (Protocol error 401) I sent email to support, they aren't sure what the issue is but are allegedly working on it. Been exploring other alternatives.



it doesnt actually send the scheduled tweets. my tweets were set to trigger hours ago. still waiting. just going to send them manually now. the interface is also terrible. the primary function being advertised both doesnt work, and is possibly the least intuitively presented. there are a bunch of other functions. not one of them is something you cant just get from twitters app, but they all work great the one unique thing this app claims to offer took a backseat , and also isnt functional



App suddenly lost access to Twitter. I reported it to the developer and it was corrected within 24 hours. I really like this app. NEW: After latest update app is EXTREMELY unstable. It jumps back and forth around the inline ads and randomly shuts down. It's very difficult to read. Please fix.



The "bouncing" timeline was incorrectly reported as fixed. When the *many* ads cycle to the next ad, it randomly bounces you elsewhere in the timeline, often to the latest post, no matter where you are. **UPDATE** I give up. Miserable. Impossible to read as I constantly get bounced to posts 20 minutes old. Rating as low as I can go, looking for another app. Bye.



Some time ago, I bought the pro version, which was a different install and listed separately on the Play store. Now that version doesn't show in a search of the play store. It hasn't been updated in some time. Now it looks like I'll have to install this version and purchase the pro upgrade AGAIN to have a current, working version of the app. Very disappointing.


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