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Name True Phone Dialer & Contacts & Call Recorder Extension: apk
Version: 2.0.17 Size: 12.1 MB

Comments on Google play



This phone app lacks one, and only one ability that all phone apps seem to lack and that is the ability to have the dialer keypad ALWAYS PRESENT during calls without having to press a dialer button. Otherwise this app is the best one I have seen so far. With many setting options and features. A clear and easy to use contact list, favorites and ability to add, change etc contacts and features. Phones through history have always had a keypad present always like flip phones in order to be able to hit touch tones used on so many phone menus and on hold services. Phones should not require having to press an extra button to get a dialpad up during a call to do this rather than just having the dialpad always there. I am not sure what writers and software designers have in their minds. Having to do these extra steps waste time, is inconvenient and a hassle. These devices should get better and make things easier then in the past, and they have done the opposite. I have always thought that they have no clue when it comes to designing interfaces and features. Without this dialer present or the option to make it present always, dialer apps and smartphones are always going to have inferiority in this area along with so many other areas they are deficient versus flip phones for using as a phone. Which is what a phone is for. That is why we call them phones. One dialer included with a new phone is so stupid and idiotic as to have to have you press one button to bring up the options during the call, and then another press for the dialpad. Thereby adding 2 extra sequential presses just to press 1 for english or what ever tone you need while on a menu during a call. ABSURD!



I don't see an option to record but I don't need that. Everything is customizable and now my ugly stock dialer is gone. This also gives you access to what's app and all sorts of other goodies. after you have made it your default color, go back into settings and clear defaults. Otherwise you're going to have trouble getting Google Assistant to communicate with it.



I installed the app especially for call recording, however it can only record my end of the call and not the other person. You can hear your voice but not of the other person. I am not sure if this is how it works or something is a miss somewhere. However, the app is great for managing calls. I'll give it 5 stars if I can recording both my voice and the other party.



Lots of customizable options that makes for a unique phone app if you're tired of the default Google app. Full screen contact images on incoming calls, call recording, ability to customize actions for almost any task. All in all a great phone replacement. I can't recall any bugs to speak of. Be sure to backup your custom settings as going thru the process does take some time.



So LOVE this app! Just wish for some adtnl things: a section for text msgs & one for Visual Vm with transcripts, an option to reverse-sort Call History (ie newest at the bottom & if want to see older, could scroll up instead of down) plus a Calendar View for history as well; also the ability to add ~notes for each call like what it was abt/for & then maybe a search feature to look up calls by notes if needed. Oh & how it shows wallpaper, could there be a "lockscreen" option for bg too? Thanks! ♡



This is the best Dialer app I have come across. It is well thought out and has a lot of customization. Wish I could adjust the size of the avatars to make them smaller and if a caller ID feature was built in or if it work with an existing one where the caller ID works with out a second pop-up screen it would be perfect. I also wished the pop-up notification for incoming calls could be set as default where it could work on the lockscreen. Still deserves 5 stars. This is an excellent app.



Just started using True Phone and I am so impressed with it's features and customization options. It solves a big problem I had with my 3rd party app screen and stock phone app, that made me unlock the phone before I could answer an incoming call. True Phone pops up on an incoming call without the lock screen causing an extra step. But back to the features and customization. Wow ! Thanks to the developer for a great product.



This is a great app. I enjoy the ease of use it offers. I also like the adjustable caller id image options available. The only thing i wish the developers would do is add an option to auto block callers who are not in the contract list by way of immediate hangup, this way they cannot leave messages. Just hang up on them and poof no more spam callers or spam voice mail .



*UPDATE* It saves the contact in the filename! STARS! I have been wanting this for a very long time. Ever since Google decided people should not protect themselves from unwanted calls and disabled the feature, Google doesn't like personal protection for some reason, I have wanted a call recorder. This call recorder does not work well as a handset call but when you put it on speaker it works great! You need to configure the settings to your liking. I have mine set automatically record every call.



I really like true phone so far. It's much better than the stock app on my Google Pixel 5. There are some issues with it like there are with any of them but it certainly better than the stock app. one issue I have, and hopefully this will get to the people that make the program, is that you can't send a text during a phone call. There isn't a real-time text button like there is in some other phone apps. However the ability to customize everything else is excellent.


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