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Developer: ООО «ГПМ РТВ»
Categories: Social
Android version: 5.0+
Size: 51.7 MB
Downloads: 10
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Updated: 26.02.2022
Limitations: Teen


TNT-CLUB is a TV show tracking app and is now available in the App Store. This is a modern application (design and code), ready to fully fulfill its promises of the best TNT-CLUB TV show in the future. As an independent one-man application development studio, developing a fully functional application can be time-consuming. Image for publication TNT-CLUB, a new service of mutual recommendations. As you probably guessed, this feature plays an important role in this release, it even made its way into the name of the application. The “friends” feature that you see in every application was created based on the real needs of users. The idea behind TNT-CLUB is to provide people with much better recommendations than those using machine learning algorithms on Netflix, Prime Video, or Hulu. Providing the community of 100,000 TNT-CLUB users with a simple tool to make effective peer-to-peer recommendations.

When a user requests a recommendation, the app finds another user with the same TV interest to ask them to watch a new show. If desired, the user can also direct the person being asked for a recommendation by giving a "hint", this will allow the requested user to provide a more accurate recommendation according to the mood of the requester. This will give you some great new show ideas! TNT-CLUB is a fully functional application for iPad and Android, as well as a macOS client tvOS client. Siri Integration: A watch app that is one of the drivers behind the rewritten TV Show Tracker. Follow your favorite TV shows with a simple and elegant app that includes:

  • Sync iCloud between your different devices (iPhone and iPad app);
  • Today widget to see at a glance what will happen today and tomorrow;
  • Notifications about the release of a new series;
  • Check out every episode ever announced for each of your favorite TV shows.
  • Get a quick overview of all upcoming episodes and those you haven't watched yet for all of your shows.
  • You can display as an app icon to count the number of episodes you haven't watched yet (count live updates as new episodes go live).
  • Get a synopsis, screenshot for each episode.
  • Check the episodes you've seen so that you can remember exactly what you need to watch next.

TNT-CLUB is definitely suitable for any home screen. The idea behind these developments is always to simplify the user experience by empowering users to track their favorite TV shows on iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

THT-CLUB for downloaded 10 times. THT-CLUB is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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