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Telegram X

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Developer: Telegram LLC
Categories: Social
Android version: 5.0+
Size: 21.6 MB
Downloads: 42
0 / 0
Updated: 29.07.2021
Limitations: Mature 17+


Telegram X is a mobile application for Android that was developed by telegram.

Features of the new version of Telegram X:

  • X does not support themes
  • X has different animations
  • X has a tab for calls and a tab for chats
  • X is generally more modern in design and more responsive

Telegram X comes with additional app blocking functionality using different methods among all. The regular Telegram app, on the other hand, should be more stable than the X version. Telegram X is more or less beta version of the app.

Thus, in the end, the user has full choice between stability and new advanced features, although I prefer to use Telegram X

Telegram is unique among other applications in that it decides to "go where no one has been before." As Telegram says on its blog, its competitors can easily adapt Telegram's features, leaving Telegram to do the hard work. Not that they care.

The official Telegram app is already far from what others are offering, not with cute stickers, multiple accounts, performance settings, and more. But now we have something else that is ready to be a worthy contender - Telegram X.

Telegram X is the official Telegram app that is separate from the main official app that you and I use on a daily basis. What sets him apart from others is his daring experiments. In fact, Telegram X had a different name around 2016, aka Challegram.

This app was an unofficial Telegram client that won the Telegram Android Challenge directed by Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram. As of this writing, Telegram X is officially available for download on Android and iOS.

This app is experimental and may or may not eventually replace the existing official app.

Automatic night mode

What is just dark modem in Telegram, now renamed to night mode in Telegram X. Moreover, Telegram X can switch to automatic night mode in a dark place. You can even calibrate the darkness detection according to what works for you.

Enhanced Music Player

Telegram Music Player X now reflects the surrounding theme of the app. We have a dark music player that reflects the dark theme of our application. What's more, the album cover perfectly covers half of the screen. Music that you have not downloaded to your local computer appears with a cloud icon.

Bubble Free Mode

In Telegram X, you can ditch bubbles for more linear communication if you're rolling. To be honest, it doesn't look so pretty.

Saving data

The function of saving data has been added to Telegram X. It works as advertised, saving some extra data when you switch to mobile data or while roaming.

Telegram X for downloaded 42 times. Telegram X is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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